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Frost Giant bodyguard: 77544

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It just doesn't work. 

the scale is bad.  The scene looks better without the giant than with him in it. 

the small buildings are obscured by the giant, and yet they are too close and crowd him.  they stop arbitrarily and are both too high and not tall enough. 

Abort, fail, retry. 


Plan B: 

place the slope of the mountain behind him and perhaps a cliff. 

spent part of the evening carving foam into slopes, but didn't get one that worked. 







I like how that base looks.

 But what's the story behind a Giant guarding such a tiny door?

It's clearly meant for a smaller race.




I was supposed to be a dwarven door.  

perhaps the giant was defeated in a contest and had to serve a dwarf loyally for a few days. 

Or some important dwarven relic was inside the small building and the giant was stopping other dwarves from getting to it.  I

I had not really decided 

base fail1.jpg

base fail2.jpg

base fail3.jpg

base fail4.jpg

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So I went to the local paint club meeting and sat next to Michael Proctor. 

after a lot of advice and discussion, and some painting, I worked on him another 1.5 hrs today  (17 total) 

 I think the giant has gone from okay to good ..... but his axe has gone from excellent to good. 

trying to change it messed up my previous success in NMM.  

- I need more glazing, and more color in the metal.  I added small amounts of black indigo, not sure its enough. 

soon it will be better. 


I really like the change form polar bear furs to grizzly - color balance works better




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Finally Done.

giant was about 20 hours, the base 8-10 (I should have kept track better of base) 


Show Off



edit: except now I keep seeing things to fix.  Ill put the list here.

correct highlighting on horns 

improve highlights on front medallions 

Add shadows on ground 

Fix Hinges on Gate  

Boots - redo clinging snow, add shadows&highlights 

Add more shadows to giant. 

grey shadow on axe's brightest highlight. 


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