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Went through a bit of a struggle with this guy.  Filled in the huge gaps around the shoulders with elmers glue.  Painted him up, grey body, 9 colors of gems.  Hated the way the gemstones looked so i got some advice from some great people in the help forum who were a huge help.  Cut it down to 3 colors and tinted his skin green to go with the blue/yellow/green gems.  Had to do a few layers of drybrushing between greens, greys, and black washes to get his body looking the way i wanted. 


The sealer added more of a shine than i wanted to the body so if anyone else has any spray sealer recommendations im definitely open to suggestion.  Currently using patricia nimocks clear acrylic sealer matte.  


To shine up the gems more i also coated them in Tamiya Color acryllic paint mini clear X-22 after sealing.


Anyway, im somewhat new so advice, comments, constructive criticism are always welcome.



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Vallejo Acryllic Matt Varnish is properly matt and is my go-to now. I apply it with an airbrush, but I believe it should work fine with brush application, use it straight out of the bottle without dilution. I had couple minis that I used a different varnish on that turned way too glossy (and tacky in touch :|), putting the matt varnish on top kills the gloss.


Edit: they seem to make a spray version of it too, haven't tried so can't comment on how well it works.

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