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Twenty minis in ten weeks semi-challenge

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Every now and then I've seen people start up a WIP thread that's more or less along the lines of "clean the shelf of (blank)".  For me, it's of hopes and dreams, of projects started, but not quite realized, finished, or...  Even painted.  This isn't necessarily going to be one of those more serious minivember, one mini a day, or even a burn towards the finish line to actually "complete" the one a week RPChallenge, uh, challenge.  That and while I'd love to do minivember or even 99 minis in 99 days both of those seem a tad too... Intense for me.  Especially with how often I get distracted from such with playing computer games, longer days at work, or even starting to have a social life!  (Yeah, some of the Infinity gamers in town are starting to slowly coax me into coming out to play and do things, it's kind of nice!)


To meet my own goal this year of beating 2018's count, I'd need another "14 points".  Coincidentally, that's fairly close to the mark of 18 for October through December, so I figure why not!  ...I guess I am going for the RPChallenge bit after all, but I'm going to give a whirl at a full twenty, because I like that number more than 14 or 18! ::P:


In short, my goal is to try and clear some of the assembled and primed backlog I have, and focus on mainly getting those painted up and FINISHED.  Naturally I'm not going to lock out the prospect of adding in a few more minis to the table (I am more than likely going to be building up a tournament HaqqIslam force for February 2020, which will require more units to be acquired, assembled, and painted), but as for some of the things that come to mind for being taken care of...

  • Getting Wyrmgear's mods sculpted - I really would like to see him at least standing up at the end of the year
  • Additional work on my Rainbow Dragon Challenge Ebonwrath - he's taking up a decent amount of space on my desk, plus, hey, DRAGON!
  • Infinity Red Veil, and Beyond Red Veil boxed set - at least the HaqqIslam portion, anyways, although I'd like to at least get the Yu Jing assembled and based too
  • Various CAVs in various states
  • Other, smaller dragons! (Pathfinder Red Dragon, Temple Dragon, and I think I have a Narthrax hiding around somewhere too)
  • minotaurs, gnolls, and some Skaven character/heroes
  • A few minis that have become "paint catchers" for when I mix up too much


There's probably more, but still.  I'm not going to keep a full on tally of things, but either way, I'm hoping to work on, and finish, at least 14 "points" worth of minis, but 18 "points" would be awesome... Or even more.  Apparently, as of this post, there are ten weeks and four days until the end of 2019.


What am I mostly aiming for by doing this thread?  Well, by having a WIP I'm regularly updating, I'm hoping to not only get more work done close to every day on miniatures (even if it's just twenty minutes), but also get back into the habit of sitting down and hobbying every day.  I really do like how relaxed I am when doing it, and it helps me cool and calm down too.  That and, oh yeah, I already mentioned the habit thing.


Anyways, I did mention something else in the beginning of all of this about something silly, well...  Let's put it this way....


^I was okay with some of them trying to teach others how to "roll over" and "play dead", even if it meant my Switch is a little harder to get to....

I was even okay with some of them guarding one of my spare graphics cards, and the Mission Models iridescent and pearl paints...


^Yup, even didn't really mind them taking over a shelf in my cube shelf (there are more minis hiding in the ice cream pail, they're in there due to having been washed) - Actually, this helped kickstart me being able to paint again, since ALL of those were on my desk before tidying up...


But once you try and hold my benching rig hostage....  Or you try to do dark rituals around my turntables...  Oh no, this needs to be stopped.  if I let them continuing running amok, they'll try and take over the entire living room!  (there were additional pics, but it kind of felt like things were dragging on).



^So...  Here's how my desk looked last time I tidied it up.  It looks a little different, and somewhat messier now, but that's because I have a few projects on the go that I was working on before this post.  Not all of the minis in that picture are mine (the Pathfinder Red Dragon belongs to hubby, for example) but still.  There's a decent amount of stuff on the table, to say the least.



^So here's where I left off two days ago - I apparently didn't take a picture of yesterday's table, but there were two more Haqq minis done, and I suspect that's also simply because we played Division 2 for like two hours yesterday, then I worked on minis, then I went to bed rather tired...



^And how things are looking so far today.  All seven minis from the Operation: Red Veil started set are now assembled (although they'll be an eighth one added in eventually due to having been sent a double by accident - Corvus was quick and prompt when replying on their mispack line... Err, email), and bases for the three miniatures from Beyond Operation: Red Veil are drying, so they'll be assembled tomorrow.  The reason why the seventh guy doesn't have anything extra on his base yet is quite simply because I'd assembled him tonight.  I'm not quite sure what kind of colours I'll be going with on my Haqq, but I strongly suspect they won't really be all that traditional, or at least studio paint jobs.  Totally lost on what colours I'll be going with for the Oathsworn Minotaur as well, but I'll worry about that when I get to that front - today's focus was assembly and basing.

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On 10/18/2019 at 5:30 PM, Darcstaar said:

Good luck!  You can do eet!

I do hope such is doable - I did (somehow) manage to do the entirety of Dragons Don't Share 2014 Edition in a week, with a size 0 brush AND have surprise contractors for two days of that challenge.  Either way, it's going to be lovely to see minis go from various stages of completion to actually done, which I'm really looking forward to!


On 10/18/2019 at 7:44 PM, Original_Carl said:

This is awesome. I'm looking forward to your next update!

Me too, doubly so given that I'm hoping to have close to daily updates on things.  We'll ignore the past two days and the, uhm, numerous hours spent playing The Division 2, but hubby and I had fun with that, aand I've still gotten some work done every day.


Past two days I've been listening to one of Hocico's new albums, Artificial Extinction, and it's a nice album...  Surprisingly keeps me in the painting mood too.  I always find some good music you're in the mood for can help with keeping you going, doubly so if you're rather tired!



^Here's how Friday wound up finishing - the Fiday and Ragik were cleaned up in preparation for mounting/gluing, but by that point it was something like 02:00, and having been up for 21 hours or so I decided sleep was a wiser choice as I was definitely exhausted.



^And here's how "today" has ended - I'm still calling it Saturday, even if it's 02:15 on "Sunday".  I haven't gone to sleep yet, so it still counts, so I say! :P  Originally, I had planned on assembling up just the miniatures from Red Veil, but I wound up deciding early on that nah, let's get the HaqqIslam from Beyond: Red Veil assembled as well.  ...That and I kind of expect that I'll be ordering in 3-4 packs of various minis for this faction soon enough - with that February tournament being in, well, February, I suspect additional forces will be purchased as early as possible, simply so that I have more time to assemble, and then hopefully paint them (doubly so if I do decide to get a Maghariba Guard)


The Ragik is raised off of the cutting mat because I was somewhat sloppy with my superglue application underneath, and it hadn't fully dried, so I didn't want to be trying to pry her off my cutting mat tomorrow morning.  I'm also kind of thinking about having some sort of heavy-ish jagged rock on the back of her base to try and compliment what's sculpted there already, but I'll have to think on that a little more before committing to it.


Now yes, I do expect to have issues with a few areas because I've fully assembled AND based my minis.  I suppose that's the downside of going with convenience over outright ease of painting, but I've always preferred to paint the miniatures after they're assembled.  Naturally we'll see if that preference sticks this time ^_^;;;;

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13 hours ago, Inarah said:

Looks like a good start.  20 is not a bad goal, anything you get done is an accomplishment! 

I agree!  It's more than likely doable, doubly so if I keep doing the "put on headphones and just go" kind of thing.  Boy do I zone out and just relax and paint when I do that ^_^;;;


Today was about two hours of work, give or take.  I believe the music of choice was Wastelands by Funker Vogt, as well as Artificial Extinction by Hocico again.  Yeah, I've been playing that album a semi-decent amount lately >.>;;;;;


So, first and foremost...  Assembly pics and basing and all that can be fun, but kind of boring to look at.  Let's fix that!



^How the desk more or less currently looks.  I suspect these kinds of pics won't be posted as often, perhaps say once every week or so, unless there's been major changes.



^Today's paints.  Given I was dancing between drybrushing and blocking in colours, I can't say precisely what mixes were, but I'll do my best to try and at least say what was used for each step ^_^


Oh!  For that drybrush "dusty, derpy, slurry" I reference to...  It's that because the well started as Dungeon Grey, then had Tempest Grey Mixed in after I was done drybrushing the first, then Desert Stone mixed in, then Bleached Linen, although round two of such skipped Desert Stone being mixed in there.  Hence why the kind of personal confusion I have about how it was mixed and whatnot ^_^;;;;;



^I'll be pulling out my actual proper camera to take better photos of this guy, my phone kept dancing as to what it wanted to do with it (it was changing the exposure every second, for example).  It probably didn't help that there was a busy background, but yeah.


I've had 77559 Undying Minotaur for a while, and he's been primed for a while too.  Half an hour or so of drybrushing, using various mixtures of all of today's paints.  Yup, even the green.  My goal was to try and go for a rather old skeletal Minotaur that's been guarding an area for quite some time, but I couldn't quite decide on what metal his armour was made of, so just went with whatever seemed to feel "best"...  Aka I kind of wanted some colour, and signs of aging, but didn't want to really spend all that much time deliberating about it all.



^77281 Succubus from Reaper.  Okay, using the large amount of pasty white-ish kind of colour that was leftover from all the terrain probably wasn't the best of ideas, but it at least got something basic going.  Wings are a single coat of Succubus Kiss, her cloth is a single coat of Bright Turquoise.



^Sciency fly guy from Reaper.  77608 from Reaper, apparently called Bonesylvanians - Jacques.  Uhm....  Yeah, I don't remember how I got that pink lab coat at all, but I'm fairly certain it was a mix of Succubus Kiss and... Something.  it was done a week or so ago >.>;;;  He came in my December sampler pack last year, and wound up being turned into a mini I use spare/leftover paints on.  So far it's been... Interesting.  I know his eyes are Mission Models Copper that's then been hit with a thinned down Reaper Bones Dragon Black.



^Didn't do any work on him today, but I really REALLY wanted to try and take a few pics of how he looks so far.  77013 Minotaur.



^77501 Minotaur.  Last week he got more or less the same pink that's on Jacque's lab coat on his hair, as well as the inlay for his axe...  Today, he wound up getting some of that leftover terrain dusty derpy white drybrushed onto his base



^77251 Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian.  Skin is a single coat of somewhat thinned Succubus Kiss, fabric is a single coat of unthinned Mission Models Transparent Light Rust.  Horns are from what's left of the ground drybrushing stuff.  Oh yeah, his base was drybrushed too, as is kind of obvious since it was black before ^_^;;;



^77376 Minotaur Demon Lord got some of that terrain "dusty derpy" white mix onto his horns, and some of the bones details.  Shoulder pad horns got one coat, the rest is two coats.


Technically, I'm now at 1/20 for my goal, but I'm not counting it until I've taken proper pictures and posted a show-off thread ~_^

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Didn't really get all that much done today, partially due to the local flu making itself known its gotten into me, plus deciding that if I'm going to build up the HaqqIslam units from Red Veil I might as well get started on the Yu Jing ones as well, in case I find myself preferring their box of tricks.  That and it's hard for hubby to see if he likes the game if there's only one set of minis. 


Wound up bringing out my Happy Seppuku Broken Concrete (or was it asphalt) stamp, and did up three bases.  Guess I did need more Apoxie Sculpt than I realized, but such is life.  I just hope mine's still good because one part kind of split and had yellowy gunky slicky oil like stuff that was a real pain to mix back in... I'll find out tomorrow whether it cures or not! 


Also got one mini (I think it's a Zhanshi, looks like one of the three you get in the box) cleaned up and ready to pin into the base, but I didn't try gluing because while I was trying to dry fit my right paw decided it was going to cramp up, and stay that way...   It's loosening up now, but I'm taking it as a hint it's time to go lie down for sleep. 


Once I get both sets of minis built up I'm sure hoping that new terrain (something something goverental complex) has finally come in so I have nice, thick terrain to play on... ^_^;;;  That and then hubby and I can have a few battles, and we can both decide if we want to fully dive into this, or if it will be a game only I get into.  I'm hoping he likes it, but I also know he's more into fantasy than scifi. 


I also suspect that once both sets are built up they'll be set aside for a little bit, to leave room for other projects that are closer to completion - atm I'm mostly bouncing between building minis and painting, which is nice because it gives me options depending on time frames I can commit, and most importantly other things like energy levels. 

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Figured I should post at least some sort of update on here.  Most of the past week I've been either really tired, or being really tired the next day because hubby and I have been playing a decent amount of The Division 2. :ph34r:  it's been fun, and I plan on going back to play more of the game, but still.  No progress on the minis (yet - I'll be working on sealing the bases as well as priming my Haqq minis later today), but I've been breaking in those Molotow markers I picked up yesterday...



^First and foremost, every good "I'm going to get in trouble with my spouse" trip involves stopping for supplies at the conveniently located closely art store...  With a few extras thrown in to appease hubby (aka the Copic Sketch.Too's are for him, same as the brush).  Yup yup, said I was going to pick up one or two paint markers, came home with four *whistles innocently*



^The terrain kit in question.  Corvus Belli's Neon Lotus kit is included in the Red Veil two player starter pack.  Four buildings, two bridges, and six crates that are a mixture of shops, station services (recycle, garbage, etc dropoff), and square holo-ads.  Here's where I playfully point out I'm using markers that cost $8.81 CAD with GST to paint edges and shadows on a terrain set that costs $12.55 CAD with GST, but I wanted to try these out anyways for when I start building MDF terrain, and boy do I like them.  They sure come out pretty thick though, but eh, for my intended purpose they'll do lovely.


In essence, since it will be a little while before I'll be able to start picking up MDF terrain, I wanted to set these up to last a little longer.  Sure, I could have gone out and picked up Warsenal's Support Kits, which do look rather lovely, but they'd cost about $40 CAD each to bring in, and I'd need a second one due to hopefully getting hubby's USAriadna box in tomorrow - i say hopefully because this is CanadaPost, so I'll know tomorrow morning if it made it into town or not.  Odds are likely, but still.



^Ignoring that it's bulging out in some areas, and the top isn't quite flat, there's one thing that does kind of rather bug me with these, hence why I went with the higher end version of "cover the white edges with a sharpie" - it's rather obvious where things aren't printed, and even when I glue the tops together that white edge is going to be rather obvious.  I also don't like how flimsy they feel, so let's grab try a few things out on the walkways first...




^There we go...  It's not only a lot sturdier now, and the edges are still relatively visible up close, but at tabletop distances, you don't see such.




^After about 16 minutes or so, at least for how long it took me to do the last one, here's where it's standing.  Much nicer in my opinion, with those spaces and edges not standing out anywhere near as strongly.



^The best part is that they still work together, which definitely makes me a happy fox.


Next stop with the terrain?  Doing the edges on five more of the "crates", and then figuring out how I'm going to stiffen everything up.  I suspect more corrugated cardboard will be involved, as well as popsicle sticks to stiffen up the whole thing ^_^;;;

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Jeez, it's been a week since I've updated this thread >.>;;;  In short, I technically haven't gotten all that much done yet, as I wound up being distracted with more terrain work as hubby wanted to play at least one game, even a starter/intro game one, and I wound up spending a semi-decent amount of time watching Twitch streams, as well as a quick bit of "initial salvo" subs for HWBot's Country Cup... :ph34r:


I'm going to make use of a few spoiler tags, so that way those on mobile don't have to scroll through two dozen photos all at once...







^Initial work on my two Salvora Governmental Complexes.  I technically have two more on order, but I'm hoping to change those over to different units being on order, since that local game store's distributor is being silly about things (aka stuff is still showing as "pre-order" status despite the things having coming out over a month ago.  Once you figure out how they go together, they aren't bad at all, and I managed to assemble AND GLUE almost the entirety of the second set during Reaper Live.  Second pic shows one of the small buildings being in the process of getting the initial grey layer of Molotow paint marker applied to it, in order to reduce the whole cut edge sticking out "problem"





^Did some work on the bases for hubby's USAriadna starter pack, and then got a little fancier, because, well, I wanted his to look nice and all that...  I was trying to aim for some sort of "out in the rough badlands" kind of look to them.  Not sure if I succeeded, but at least most of them aren't all that flat for looks.

Various minis within the spoiler.




^Jeez those wolves are big.  Insert obligatory "my, what a big knife you have..." joke here or something.  Antipode on the left, Devil Dog on the right.  My Al Fasid is in the middle.



^Naturally I had to do some work on Tarik's base, because I had the rocks out anyways...


^Then the Ragik's base, I wanted to blend things in a little more so it wasn't just some rock jutting out that they were landing on...


^Same for one of my Ghulams and the Khawarij...


^I wanted whatever the Fasid is standing on it blend in too....



^Hitting up edges of various scatter pieces with the Molotow markers.  Hey, what else am I going to do while I'm sitting there waiting for a bench to run for Country Cup?

Overall force, and how the desk looks atm pics to follow...




^How the desk more or less looked this morning.  Yeah, the goal definitely was to REDUCE the amount of WIPs on my desk, but since I'm more than likely getting in on that local Infinity tournament and hubby might as well, I figured that getting these at least built up and primed would be a good start.  Still unknown if I'm painting hubby's army as well or not, but he has mentioned interest in painting his Devil Dog and Antipode, so there is that.  Gawds that biker was a pain to put together with it's like sixteen pieces and annoying attachment parts and order to put it all together...  Nowhere near as annoying as SOME Games Workshop minis, but still.  That exhaust was one part that was especially annoying to keep in place...


^Closer view of hubby's initial units...


^Closer ish view of my units.



^Arguably the base I'm most proud of having done up.  Some parts of it are going to be annoying to paint, but at the same time I get the feeling I'm definitely conveying some sort of "badlands dwellers" look to that base...


Right!  Before I forget, a bit of a "bonus" set of pictures.  I believe it was @Inarah who was inquiring why the Molotow paint markers.  You'll notice the pattern changes on each sign... That's because I wound up taking pictures of different ones that were in different stages, since I'd already started the work and hadn't taken any in progress pictures before. ^_^;;;;;


^Here is how the 3mm cardstock terrain looks freshly punched out.  Those exposed edges don't necessarily look the best...


^Add in the initial layer of a light grey (203 Cool Grey Pastel in this case)


^The additional highlights with 010 Lobster and 092 Hazelnut Brown


Does it make them look significantly better?  Hard to say.  They don't stand out as much as they did before, but some might argue that such is an overkill level of work.  I feel it's worth the extra bit of time to make it look tidy, and cohesive ^_^;;;;




.....Time to prime a bunch of minis!

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First and foremost, how am I looking at my challenge to myself so far, now that we're about a week into November?  Still sitting at 1/20, and I've piled even more onto my to do list for various projects, but still.  I'm not going to complain, and there's been decent progress in several areas, so I'm calling it even.  A ~lot~ of prep work has been done, which definitely helps, but I'm still holding to my goal of wanting to actually FINISH twenty miniatures ^_^


There would be pictures of minis getting paint, but I kind of, uh, ah, uhm....  Well, this happened.



I basically wanted to test out a few theories about various things, but specifically how much room a 4x4' table would wind up taking up in our living room, and what could be added in around it, and of course, whether it would take up space that I've reserved for current projects (my turntable area!) or future projects (bean bag chair(s) and my modular synth / normal synth area.  Oh, and hubby's new desk area (he's letting me take over his area for a miniatures area if we build him a new desk - deal, because this means I can exhaust airbrush gunk OUTSIDE because there's a window just behind his current desk....


Sure, it isn't a perfect representation, since that's two LACK coffee? tables from Ikea, and it's only a 34x42" play area, but it'll at least be large enough for us to play 150-200 point games, although I suspect the 200 point games might get a tad cramped.  Buildings were mostly set up to get basic ideas of what we have, and what will work.  Thankfully, those stacked boxes have six crates hiding within them, and then there's the Neon Lotus terrain set that's over by my desk slowly being stiffened up with supportive, lovely black foamcore from the dollarstore.  Works well enough it seems, so I'm definitely happy about that.  Then add in that I'll eventually have another two Salvora Governmental Complex terrain packs come in, and I suspect we'll at least have enough for some sort of basic setup ~_^


Despite it being moving a bunch of things around, I'm still happy for the evening overall, since it also helped tidy up the living room, sort of, in some ways ^_^  Now to just finish that tidying up so I have access to my painting desk again!

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Whee, more updates on how things are going - now with actual painting in the WIP!



^So, first and foremost, I wasn't the happiest about how sturdy these "cubes" are.  They're okay, but I wanted them to survive gaming for a little longer...  So after a decent amount of tacky glue, some dollarstore foamcore, a ruler, and a box cutter...


^The first one was sealed up.  After a bit of checking, I realized that this didn't quite make them as stiff as I wanted, but such is okay.  I'll fix that in the next couple!


^First one is how one was reinforced, and then the others were reinforced through the second picture's way, because it just worked out a lot better that way.  Didn't take any pictures of the six cubes assembled though, hmmm...



^Cubes used on the board, that's gotten bigger, but give it a few weeks, and we'll have an even bigger board *whistles innocently* (current board is 32x42" give or take, and we're upgrading to one that's effectively going to be 47.25" x 59".  Yup, two solid pine Ingo tables from Ikea, because playing at coffee table height is more difficult than even remotely contemplated!)


^Aaaand we have both forces primed.  Hubby's given me a few thoughts on the colours he'd like, so I'll start on the line troopers (USAriadna Grunts, and others) but he's requested to paint the Devil Dog and Antipode ^_^


So, how are we for totals?  Well, still 1/20 for my original goal, but I'm going to add in a playful quip of "bonus +3 from terrain" or something silly like that, since it did take a decent amount of time to get all that terrain sorted out (two Salvora Governmental Complexes, and the cubes from Neon Lotus are now finished), and I still have four larger buildings, four medium buildings, and six crates to reinforced >.>;;;  Yeah, kind of wishing I had just done the whole "screw it, send money to Warsenal for their support kits" but man those are expensive when you factor in shipping costs...

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Colours that aren't primer!

Vallejo Game Color Hot Orange

Reaper 9406 Sunrise Orange

Reaper 29804 Rusty Red (sadly, discontinued, I absolutely LOVE this red!)



^First up, my Zhayedan.  The orange just didn't feel it, so... Rusty Red over top...  Okay, now I'm feeling it, at least for a base colour to work with! ^_^



^The lighter orange is a 50:50 mix of Hot Orange and Sunrise Orange, while the other colour is straight up Rusty Red



^Rusty Red for most of the armour on the Al Fasid....



^Aaaaaand my Tuareg, who initially gave me the idea of "huh, I wonder what she'd look like if she was all "eh, I have Total Optical Camouflage, and I didn't get the note so ORANGE CLOAK OF DOOOOOOOM" or something to that effect.  Orange is 50/50 Hot Orange and Sunrise Orange, red is Rusty Red.  Hey, just because they're HaqqIslam doesn't mean they need to be drab, boring tans and whatnot like the studio army is...  That and hey, I wanted to paint something eye bleedingly bright, so uhm, yeah.



^And not to be forgotten, my Oathsworn Minotaur Barbarian wanted in on the Hot Orange/Sunrise orange mix.  I swear it isn't because I had a ton of it left, I really did want to give her an orange headband.... ^_^;;;;



^Desk is looking more colourful, and I'm hoping to keep this trend going! ^_^

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Updates from last night's painting....


Paints used: 9426 Charred Brown, 9433 Mountain Stone, 29804 Rusty Red



^So, first and foremost, we have the Al Fasid with HMG.  Rusty Red for most of the armour, and then a 5:3 mix of Mountain Stone:Charred Brown for the brownish-grey colour on the ammo box, and in some of the recessed detailing along the shin guards..



^5:3 mix of Mountain Stone and Charred Brown for the fabric? of the pants on the Ragik...



^For the Zhayedan, I'll bring the Rusty Red up for the upper half of his coat that kind of looks like a duster to me, but since I had it mixed up, the fabric of his pants and the edging detail on his coat received that same 5:3 Mountain Stone - Charred Brown mix...



^My Murabid Tuareg w/sniper got that same mix for her pants...  It's like I'm trying to keep some aspect of them coherent, or something.  That or some evil overlord commander was all "y'know what'll strike the fear in their hearts?  OpFor, wearing KHAKIS!



^Ah, Tarik, leader of the Khawarij, or head face, or... Something.  Either way, he's rough and tough.  I wanted to keep some of the colours I'd already picked, but for some reason, I wanted to have him be somewhat more subdued.  Yeah, because a spitfire sure is subtle, yup yup....  Anyways, it was a thought partially because I had so much of that Mountain Stone and Charred Brown 5:3 mix, uhm, mixed up, and partially because I kind of felt it would be neat to have the more "loud and proud, in your face" kind of models be somewhat more subdued or something.  Not really sure what my justification was for it all, but either way, I'm happy about it, doubly so the rather bright and boistrous looking TO Camo sniper that do hidden deployments (aka, quite literally you write down on a piece of paper where they're deploying, you don't put the model or even a marker on the table until you reveal them...)


Now, to answer what might be an obvious question - why am I painting up desert nomads in bright colours?  Well, for one, I've never been one for factory paintjobs, at least matching them (Angel/Anjel does an absolutely AMAZING job at painting the studio models!), and secondly, so many of my minis wind up being rather dark looking with how they're painted, and I wanted to change that..  Oh right, probably the biggest reason of them all - I ~LOVE~ the colour orange, especially the darker shades of it (like burnt neon oranges especially)...

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