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60114 Viorian Dekanti

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Here we have 60114,  Viorian Dekanti, an NPC from Rise of the Runelords.








She has a shield, but I don't think I'm going to bother with it. I like her just fine as-is.


There's a very brief WIP thread, where you can see my abortive attempt at doing NMM with her.  It ... went badly. I made two mistakes: first, this armor is way too complex for an NMM newbie like me.  I should practice on something less involved first.  Second, base coating with NMM Gold Base was a terrible idea.  I should have base coated with NMM Gold Shadow and then worked up through Gold Base and Gold Highlight (and probably some white for hot spots).  Trying to start in the middle and then shade down/highlight up just did not work for me.


I could have done more with the figure.  I thought about putting some coins on her base because she's greedy.  But then I decided I liked it just the way it was.  And I thought about doing some more elaborate freehand on the cloak.  But then I got the first line on there and decided I liked that just as it was, too.  So there you go.


The face turned out pretty well, though the eyes were tough because they were tiny.  The blends could be smoother, and I should probably have done something more to differentiate the sword -- her reference art has her wearing gold armor and wielding a gold sword, because greed, but it makes for a somewhat monotone mini.  But I think the blue cloak gives her enough color to compensate.


All in all, moderately pleased with this one.  Not bad for a couple nights' work.

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