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Dark Art Miniatures : Temple of Chaos (bases and terrain)


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Hi all!


Many thanks for the feedback and to ced1106 for sharing this!  


We have unlocked our first DOUBLE stretch goal! THANKS FOLKS! Those that have chosen the 'Devoted' pledge or higher now get some free Chaos Scatter!
We also unlocked our first pieces of terrain. The temple floor tile sold as singles, packs of 4 and packs of 10!
Come, pay us a visit. Every share helps!
Thank you.



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The altar shall be unlocked once we reach £950. We are actually almost there!

This piece is solid cast and is perfect as a objective marker in table top games or as a creepy, evil altar for your roleplaying campaigns. Ideal for adding that something 'different' to your dungeon tile collection.


Please check us out ;)









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7 hours ago, Marc said:

Dark Arts makes excellent bases - I have many of them. Highly recommended!


Thank you sir!  I feel that these are my best ones yet. :)


10 hours ago, ced1106 said:

Hope to see a terrain set pledge, once the terrain's unlocked. I guess when the terrain's unlocked, you could have a dungeon-y "final boss" lair. :devil:

Yes!  If we unlock all the terrain then I shall add some larger bundle sets at a further discounted price. ;)


We are almost at the next unlock which is the Soul Fire Braziers. Perfect for keeping the soul warm. :)  The flames, which have sculpted morphing skulls are a separate piece from the brazier.  Again, like the Altar, these serve as cool objectives or epic lighting for your dungeons and Chaotic hall's.  After this, more FREE stuff!  :)



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