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Porcelain plates with stippling by Glitterwolf's Girl and Vixen


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They have bought more porcelain in the thrift store and are at it again.

New batch is looking even better, I will add more pics when they's done!

My girl started it and loves doing it but is also a little bit frustrated that oldest vixen joined her and turned out to be a natural for this.



8 hours ago, Pochi said:

These are gorgeous! The patterns and the color choices are awesome! Great, now I want to do this too! Thanks a lot! Like my bank account isn't already hemorrhaging with Bones 5! ::D:


So you don't want to see this?



image.png.10b3fe663dae7e978dbe1f001d40af1d.pngGerelateerde afbeelding

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27 minutes ago, Pochi said:

The sad face is weeping for my bank account!


My girl bought a whole set of white porcelain plates and a vase for under 3 Euro in a thrift store.

You already have paints and all you need is a few of those stipple pens.

It's cheaper than our hobby!

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I will definitely keep this in mind! I can always ask for the stipple pens for Christmas. It would be rude to not use a Christmas gift!

I also want to do the acrylic paint pour over canvas where it makes the swirly designs.

I want to do all of these cool things that I see and I still have 20 unpainted minis waiting for paint!

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19 hours ago, Thoramel said:

Wow. Those look great! I'm going to have to look into this. 


Thx, be careful according to them it's addictive!


11 hours ago, Peithetairos said:

Great work once more. Next step: Landscapes, singing birds or similar décor?


Thx, they're pretty much into the stippling thing, not sure if animals or landscapes are possible this way.

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