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29 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

We haven't gotten that yet, we've been members since June.


When did they send her to you?


8 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

Nope, and nope.


Waiting a few hours, then messaging them.


You should get an email.

If not check MMF if she's not in your library, message them.

They will help you out.


Beware that your email adress in MMF must be the same one you used for being a Patreon, else they won't recognize that.








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Got my email for Malkaya, I'll probably grab the 'Depth Ones' set as well, it's hard to argue with 50% off and they look like they will be fun to paint at least.


I also got a message from Cast N Play with an offer for a free month. So that's neat. 

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7 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:


This flail does a D8 damage. ::P:


& this mace does D20!!!


720X720-img-20190909-210724.jpg (Enza3D)


Got my AG loyalty reward!! She looks ok but I've got a few others that look a better. AG thou prints out good, so looking forward to seeing a physical copy.

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On 9/9/2020 at 7:18 PM, TheAuldGrump said:

We purchased it a few months ago - great not-beholder and excellent not-umber-hulk, as well as the awesome not-mind-flayers.


We hit a 50% off sale, so not feeling too bad about that. (Though I was hoping for a set we don't own yet - the goblins or the wood alfar, for example.)




The Auld Grump

Welp, I think I know who the big baddies will be next time I run Eberron! :;,;:


Oooh! Now I want to model sunglasses onto one of the flayers! An albino surface walker. :devil:

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59 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

If you visit Gumroad and search for Cast N Play, you will notice a lot of their fioles are priced at $0, you can get those for free by just typing a  0 in the amount and put them in the cart.



There is actually some good files in that selection as well.


So I'm gonna run my traditional Ravenloft adventure next month. My FLGS owner said that they are opening the store to live events again at the end of this month. YES!!! So I've got to decided whether I want to run the game there, here or online. I've thought about doing all 3, just the same adventure. Either way, if I run the game in person, I'll need minis. I need Will O'wisps. CastNplay has a great one & cheap too, like a $1.99!! I thought I might have it already but when I searched for it on gumroad, it came up with a price & I knew then I didn't unless it was offered in a welcome or throwback package. Either way, 1.99 is nothing to worry about if I have it.


I did buy a custom figure from Dan Kelly today off mmf. It's more or less, choose head & arms but I wanted a unique looking mini for a encounter tomorrow. The mini is suppose to be a dread warrior in 5e. Simple google search comes up with this:


Dread warriors are enhanced undead created immediately after a warrior's death so that they retain at least minimal intelligence. ... As former fighters, dread warriors retain their desire to fight and are both strong and skilled.


So basically a smart zombie, as it has the it doesn't die at 0 HPs, roll to see if it dies thing in 5e. I figured since the DW is suppose to be a viking-esque warrior give him a mini that resembles a human. I choose this one:




(I'm swapping out his weapons for a mace (ie warhammer) & a shield). He has a great large scar across his face that goes the side of his head. This will be the wound that killed him in real life. It's printing right now. I'm starting to get tired from last night, but I wanted to get my mini list up before I went to take a nap. Hopefully he comes out, if not, then I'll swap out the FEP. I'm just hanging onto the original LCD, hoping I can squeeze some life out of it. My other LCD backup came yesterday, so I have 2 now.


I just wish, Dan would have been more active with his Patreon. He did have some personal things that came up last month that really took up his attention, but I needed to trim down my list anyways. I guess it just made it easier to pick which one went.


I also picked this one up, it's been in my cart since last month, ha ha.


Death Siren by Twin Goddess. (Love their style, same as the goblin bassist/mechanic mini)



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Of course no nap. I kinda dozed off while reading the adventure for tomorrow....... I'm good to go for now.


I need to look for minis anyways! Also waiting on UPS to deliver the game table, thou if it's traditional UPS it won't be till 5 or 6 tonight.


Oh well, I needed to find some Boggle minis. Thank you Google. I did find one by DM's Workshop & it'll work but there was something I didn't like about it. I found Schlossbauer(sp) & it looks great but it looks more demonic then fey or at least not a boggle fey. I then found this one & it's perfect! 




There is 3 but the one with the one with the skirt is in multiple pieces & when shrunk down, I can't get it too look right. I'll just print out 2 of the handstander. Speaking of these, I'm printing out multiples so I'll definitely have to change the FEP as my screen won't print multi-files right now. It will after the FEP & LCD change. I guess I could always do one at a time, but where is the fun in that. ^_^




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