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So, upon closer inspection of the stuff I’ve printed off on my Saturn, there appears to be a problem...  and I managed to puncture the fep while trying to clean up a rather spectacular failed print so I need to replace that before I can try again. 



Something is off for the first 2-4mm followed by a bigger jump and then another slight one at about 8mm up. After that it prints straight with no issues.  Can’t find a bend or gunk on the z-axis, cleaned and relubbed it.  I was going to print off a cube after the last failure to get a sense of which direction things are “pulling” but that will have to wait until I change the fep. 






Any thoughts?  Going to post this on the elegoo FB page too, but you guys are way cooler.  :winkthumbs:

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2 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:


The last time I had something like that I hadn't tightened properly the knob holding the print plate onto the Z-axis...   



That would leave the build plate a bit wobbly, could cause this.

It could also be on the other side, is the VAT properly thightened both parts need to be firm to withstand the suction force.

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A loose VAT won't cause this. Trust me, I know...   


For this to happen, the print plate and the LCD must have changed position relative to each other. The most likely culprit is the print plate... 

The second most likely candidate is the Z-axis mount(whatever holds the vertical rod(s) in position)


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24 minutes ago, Humansquish said:

What light did you use?


It's a generic 405nm UV light from Amazon that appears to be manufactured by Creality.  There are a bunch of others listed that all look very similar, if not completely identical.


PM me if you want the Amazon link.

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So my journey to a new resin printer took a bit of a twist. I got a email from all3dp, a 3d printing site, I like reading & they compared the Mars - Mars Pro - Mars 2 Pro. Overall they say if you've got a Mars, your good to go, thou they do like the Mars 2 Pro. That led me to the big river site & looking at reviews I see there is a major flaw in this one. The lcd is not protected!!! (WT*??!!) The slightest touch scratches it as they didn't put a protective glass over it. The reviews did say it's a nice printer & such but it does have it's flaws (mostly that lcd screen).


I think I'm gonna nix the one from contention, as I know I'm not that careful when pulling my vat out & putting it back in. I don't gorilla it in, but I know mine would have scratches.


That leaves the Mars & Mars Pro again, thou I did read about Creality's effort in the field. I'll stick with Enders with Creality. At least with my current set up, I'm printing again, but I don't like it & eventually I'll get a new resin printer.

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We have the new Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K on order.  This is the first printer under $10,000 to get under 40nm on the XY resolution (35 nm in this case).

Review of said printer with prints: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHSYVJfxpyA&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1mKJOXRbIRqf3u3PU6iLOPgRHCnPxtBf4YCwPhApBUYGheRgsVrJg5OA8


We hope to use this to print masters for metal casting. 


Screen shot of a 30mm mini from that review:




Epax is coming out with a similar high res printer that I would have preferred, but it is now delayed until January.


Another one shrunk to 28mm scale:


Look at how sharp the detail in those guns is.


I can't wait until it comes, but it is back ordered until early Nov. :down:

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I guess use this thread vs the all purpose one we've been using??


Anyways, I just downloaded the "Whisp" stl & when it opens in Photon Workshop, it's orientated with the tail of the "flame" on the bed, along with the back edge of the base. Do you guys re-orientate files or do you stick with what the sculptor put the file at? Normally I'll just take the file, angle it 45 to 50 degrees on it's back & then (raise) let the slicer take it from there. I say raised in quotes as Photon Workshop doesn't do that like Chitubox does & the test Will-o-Wisp I did over the weekend has a flat spot on the ball part.....:rock:


Just curious, really. I know we all do things different & all. I'm was wondering why some sculptors pose them like this, some pose on their backs, upright, etc etc.

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So I finally got time to replace the FEP and when I was trimming off the excess, I may have nicked the new fep...  :down:  put some water in it in the hopes of confirming if it's water-tight or not.  If there's any moisture on the papertowel later, I guess I get to remove all those little screws again...  Now to start digging around online for replacement FEP as the 2 that came with it may not see me through the week... 


Checked the table and machine, they're level, re-leveled the build plate and made sure everything was crazy tight.  Once the fep passes the water test, I'll try another small print to see what happens. 

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