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77323 Blighfang (or, Wulf doesn't need much encouragement to paint another dragon)

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So my favorite inlaw and I were talking  Saturday morning, and she mentioned to me that she really wants me to paint her a dragon.  One thing lead to another and before you knew it, she was picking Blighfang out of the bones catalog.


She then asked if it would be possible to base the colors on a favorite tea set, to which I really agreed because it's a little unusual


I made a quick mock up that got the approval


It didn't take me long to get to the store and pick up a dragon.w

Last night I sat down and did the assembly.  There were a few gaps but nothing major. 

Today I had about an hour to play with it, so I spent it using some Stynlrez to prime and sketch in my colors.




Still really rough, and not really the blue-black I want to end up with, this is mostly a color sketch done really fast work the airbrush so I have something to start with. Pretty much everything from here will be brush work.  I'm a little on the fence about the yellow in the membranes, though I really like it on the belly. 



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Small progress. Airbrush work is done. This should have been possible all in one session, but a combination of only haveing half an hour here and there with a bit of indecision make it take 4. It'll be brush work from here on outIMG_20191028_220331286.thumb.jpg.9da3db1a9a36ecd6988ff0782250efcc.jpgIMG_20191028_220353259.thumb.jpg.c8d8fa5eff1d3149666a655f0be3cfd2.jpg

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Not much of a change since my last post, I've touched up a few spots but I keep staring and thinking that it needs something..  I finally took a break to work on the base.




I've got the printer going right now, printing a few koi fish to go in the basin I've sculpted, I'll paint them up and then do a resin pour over it, with water trickling down the corner, I think.

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Ok, so after a while staring at my first base I wasn't liking it. I still can't quite put my finger on i t, but after cleaning up the garden and having a lot of spalled limestone that came off my flower beds I was struck by an eye-dea and started over.

So I started by selecting flat pieces and breaking them into bricks and stacking them around the base.  It turns out limestone is fun to work with. 

As you can see, I used copious amounts of PVA glue. I found that I could score it with the tip of an old exacto blade and then snap it with pliers in the correct spot almost every time, though that was a little after this first picture.  In the first one I was just snapping off pieces.  After that it started to go faster.
After that dried, I added more rows, and started using some spackle to fill gaps in the areas that won't be visible.  eventually I got the platform built up and the basins outlined
Turns out it's a good fit
I didn't care for the really rough inside, so I started using some more spackle to smooth the inside like it's a plaster lined pool.  I'm careful to push it into the gaps int he stone too to try to fill them some. 
That's all for now. I need to finish smoothing the inside, and fill the gaps in with some pva and baking soda as 'mortar'.  I'll also take the files and sandpaper to a few places to introduce some erosion (particularly to the spillway from the upper to lower pool.
I think I may need to redo a few of the bricks on the lower arch, it looks very jagged in this picture.  and one more small trianglure one at the near edge of the platform...
I kind of like this color, so I'm debating not painting the stone and just using some washes to build some depth and weathering, but I think I may have to paint it to get everything to look right in the scale.
I also 3d printed some fish to go in the pool.    I'll get them mounted on thin pins and painted so I can place them at the right depth and pour resin around them.  Debating on painting one in each of the dragon's colors, or painting them up as more common Koi patterns........
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On 3/14/2020 at 11:41 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

Aww, most of the pics aren't showing anymore in your most recent post.


23 hours ago, malefactus said:


...only the carp show up for me.


Well... that was really weird.  I re-uploaded them, you should be able to see them now.  

I've finished the spacklling and mortaring, so it's about ready for a primer coat, but I've been distracted with other projects so I haven't got around to taking pictures yet.  Should be able to get something up this week though.

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      So this is better.  
      This Dragon will be the colors or earth.   Burnt Umber base, and a hide scattered with Burnt Sienna, Tusk Ivory, and Leather Brown with ochre and NNM gold colors on the belly. 
      perhaps some cool gray or blue washes in the shadows.   The scales will be individually shaded, and the hide below staying the color of brown liner, or umber in the well lit areas. 
      So far its been about 4 hrs of work in sculpting, cleaning, gluing and mold line removal.
      it took 45 min just to cover him in brown liner.  He is a really big dragon, and I have no idea how long this is going to take. 
      but im getting a little obesessed - I don't want to schedule a meeting or go grocery shopping, I want to add more paint... 
      this feels like how I ended up with a dragon named Insomnia - who was painted almost entirely between 10pm and 7 am.   I kept waking up with new color ideas. 
      Or the DDS2 dragon who I spent 2-4 hours a day painting for a solid week, and another hour a night for the week after.  
      The last picture is my inspiration for the scale colors - the eyes will be much simpler than this. 


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