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Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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8 minutes ago, Pineapple said:

Cool thanks! Hippocampus could be Greek too though, right?

It wouldn't surprise me if the map is both greek and ocean themed, given that greece has tons of islands. Or the ocean themed map could blend into the next map if that's greek themed or vice versa.

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17 minutes ago, dwarvenranger said:

You know, I read Buglips posts and I think. 'there's just no way that a goblin is this wise'. Then I had an epiphany, Buglips must have been reincarnated into a goblin. Shall we speculate on what he was before a goblin?


A dust bunny that grew in size until it gained sentience. 

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11 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

Not inappropriate at all.  Frankly i had the same feeling wen i first got the concept (I'm about as old school as they come).  The issue is with 5e base rules that often conflict with the descriptions of the creatures.  It must fit on a 2 inch base or a sizable amount of 5e players wont buy it; but it can't fit on said base and still match the description.  Catch 22 for Reaper.  Hence the head up pose.


But, to answer your question, your comment was exactly the sort I like getting.  Makes me a better sculptor.  Thanks!


Its good to hear you found the feedback useful rather than hurtful. ^_^


To be honest, other than the pose, I really love that sculpt; everything else about it really captures the image I have in my head of a catoblepas.


As far as 5e players are concerned, I can understand them wanting things to be compatible to their preferred rule set, but I think they may be a bit anal about the subject If they cant handle a limb or neck overhanging the base some.


If it were to be re-sculpted, I think something similar to what Sirithiliel suggested could be a good compromise; lowering its head some, but not enough that it would interfere with placing other minis next to it.


No matter what though, you and the other sculptors and Reaper keep doing your thing, because all of you produce some amazing sculpts. :winkthumbs:


11 hours ago, klarg1 said:


You're right that broad, constructive feedback can generate positive change, and that companies (Reaper included) listen. If your feedback is constructive, I would never suggest that you shouldn't share it.


I just feel like I have wound up in, alongside, or near too many toxic Internet hate riots, and choose to recuse myself. That is also why I read and post here, rather than on the Kickstarter comment thread. I recognize that it is a personal choice not to engage, not a universally applicable code of behavior.


Edit: @Walrus, I just realized that you quoted your own comment in your post. I don't think you really need my validation, but as a guy-on-the-Internet, I think that was a pretty reasonable expression of preference. Sorry for not noticing it sooner.


Oh, I can understand wanting to stay as far away from internet hate mobs as possible. If the web has one flaw, its that it amplifies the human capacity to put others through hell over the most minor of offenses.  So don't feel like I'm criticizing you for not personally engaging with it.


11 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

like here's a quick mock up of how i would do it. 

i'd slice the back of hte neck near the soldiers and take a wedge out, and do the same under the chin. I'd bend the neck forwards and tilt the head up, and putty fill both gaps to get it to stay


then i think i'd sculpt in mane to cover the gaps so i dont' have to get the pebbly skin exactly right


...now i want one



As I said to TaleSpinner above, I actually think this might be a good direction to take the mini if Reaper were so inclined to modify the sculpt. I think something like it could be a good compromise between the desires of people like me and 5e players. 

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18 minutes ago, Skallabjorn said:

$2,104 and the trebuchet are MINE! Cough up a buck. you cheap B@$^@&)s!

People appear to be listening, as we're only about a thousand away now.

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11 hours ago, Skallabjorn said:

 I tend to avoid the Kickstarter comments as well.  The most severe toxicity, IMO, I have generally found on the Facebook fan page. But I tend to avoid Facebook in general for that same reason.

You Tube video comments.

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18 minutes ago, Guindyloo said:


A dust bunny that grew in size until it gained sentience. 


Truly, it was a stank-mass miracle!


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Fartflinger is unlocked!  No updated graphics yet tho ...


Oh wait!


EDIT:  New update





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Spoke too soon
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Next big dragon =)


Could someone lucky enough to go the Reapercon post the pictures of that dragon again? The angle is kinda bleh in the graphic.

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6 minutes ago, Nunae said:

Next big dragon =)


Could someone lucky enough to go the Reapercon post the pictures of that dragon again? The angle is kinda bleh in the graphic.

I didn't go, but here they are, copied from the other thread.






Hoping / betting that the Blue Dragon drives some pledges over the weekend!

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2 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

I’d  love if it was like weapon racks, armor racks, etc.





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2 minutes ago, Nunae said:

Next big dragon =)


Could someone lucky enough to go the Reapercon post the pictures of that dragon again? The angle is kinda bleh in the graphic.





Sorry. Blurry-ish shot


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Looks like when I paint these up, Shavynra will be black, Valfuryx will be green, Aganzarax will be white, and the one with neck frills will be red. By process of elimination that leaves the last one as blue, though I don't recall exactly what it looks like.


Edit: Interesting, there are holes in the wings of the render that aren't there in the display model.

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