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Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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We just hit 1.625, so I think we will break our next goal sometime tonight, US time. Can't wait to see the next goal pic!

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I’m going to buck the trend and say I’m totally happy with the giants as-sized. 

Honestly, I don’t think I can see myself ever painting a 6” or taller giant, or ever putting it on a game table. :mellow:


Fir those who do want that, I hope you find something you enjoy.

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2 hours ago, StarFyre said:

Makes me sad how short the storm is.... Looks great though.




Where did you get the 4.72" number from?  I decided to do a little photoshopping to get some comparative sizes, and I think it's actually about 5.5" tall at the head.


Edit: I just looked back at the preview, and see that they stated the base is a 3" base, and that "this giant is 120mm tall," which would give the 4.72" figure.  I'm assuming he was saying the GIANT is 120mm tall; his scenic base appears to add another ~3/4 of an inch.


Edit 2: Just doing pixel measurements with a compass tool in GIMP, the base of the 3D print shown at ReaperCon is 311 pixels wide.  From the center of that line (as close as we can get to the center of the base) and measuring upward, then converting, I get 5.34" tall for the entire miniature (to top of head; the back end of the lightning bolt would seemingly be higher).  Doing the same thing from his right foot (best guess, as his toes are obscured) to the top of his head gives a height of the giant himself, from foot to top of head, of 4.87" (123.7 mm).  Not exactly the 120mm quoted in the update, but pretty darn close.


Going on the assumption that its round integral base is 3", as several other previewed mini's have been (Goroloth's unlock image specifically stated this), then he's taller, from base to top of head, than the number you quoted.




Ignore the seeming disparity of the ruler and the grid.  The ruler wasn't flat against the grid, and perspective is playing tricks.


I took the photo from waist-high on the 5e Storm giant, as the ReaperCon 3D print's picture was taken at wait height (it was the center of the picture).  I also did an overlay of the 3D print on the render image supplied in the unlock goal image, and they are essentially the same height (slightly different angles accounting for the very minor discrepancies), so they haven't changed the render at all.


I'll work to put in the upcoming Storm Giant from Pathfinder's Legendary Adventures (due out later this month; Gallant Goblin did a size comparison with their preview brick), and post that later.

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15 minutes ago, Brother Jim said:

I can only afford $1 right now, but it's pledged.


Never pledge more than you can afford. Anybody who asks for more than that is [redacted] [redacted] [redacted].


A dollar is a dollar. It's still welcome. It gets all of us nice things :devil:

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2 hours ago, Pineapple said:

At first I read this as attempting to paint the miniature *with* wine.

Let's be honest, wine will probably be involved somewhere in the process

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Some interesting statistics. In Bones 4, at this pledge amount we were 23 days into the kickstarter. There were 115 models in the core set, 43 add-on models had been unlocked, and 2 expansions were unlocked for another 83 models. We are currently sitting at 127 in the core set, 65 add-on models, and 2 expansions unlocked for another 82 models. Kind of stunning when you consider we are only 7 days in on this one. Just wow.

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Updated comparison pic.  As you can see, the previewed and upcoming Pathfinder Battles Storm Giant is... Underwhelming.




For relative point of comparison, that same D&D 5e Storm Giant sculpt, and King Hekaton, were also released in the Assault of the Giants premium game, sized to Large (on 2" bases).  That previewed PFB Storm Giant is less than a quarter inch taller than the Large-sized Hekaton mini from the board game.

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43 minutes ago, Doug's Workshop said:


Kicktraq doesn't account for the initial surge nor the last-minute surge.  It simply goes off the most recent trend.  As an example, it forecast on Day 1 that this KS would do in excess of $30 million. I believe Reaper aims for about 1 stretch-goal per business day, and Reaper the last campaign was run very successfully this way, so I'd say it's probably going to be about the same.  I'll say low-to-mid-3, since that keeps up with the past campaigns.  And with luck I'll be pleasantly surprised.



What you’re referring to is the “trend” Kicktraq show on the main chart.  That looks like a simple extrapolation of the funding to date extended out to the end date.  As you said, it started at $30M on day 1 and has dropped since to ~6M as the smaller subsequent days got averaged in.  It’s meaningless really.


The “Projection [Exp.]” tab has been showing “not enough data” (or something to that effect) until today, when it started showing the graph I posted.  This seems to be an actual projection of what they expect the KS to end on based on funding so far and typical KS funding patterns.


Bones 2 had a typical KS funding trend - big opening and close - like B5 is having.  B2 ended at $3.1M, and it was under $1.5M at this point in the campaign.


The last 4 days (days 4-7, after the initial rush), B5 has averaged about $58K.  B2 was averaging around $41K over the same period.  It’s a small data set, but that’s a huge difference, and B5 had a similarly larger opening.  I think we’re easily heading for a total over $4M.

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Here is the data from kicktraq for all 5 bones projects. First, the funding trends.






Next, daily pledges







Finally, daily backers







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Ouch, Bones 5 is killing it! I wonder what is driving the trend? Better Bones? The intro of Bones Black? Better word of mouth? or a combination of a lot of factors?

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3 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

That was a thing of clown makeup beauty! ::D:


Thank you! ^_^


I would have posted pictures, except I was so excited (and rushed) to finish it and get it to Cosmo that I straight-up forgot to take any! :down:


2 hours ago, TGP said:

Just be sure to pledge a bit of money, $14 is a nice number, Now. Pledging something now means you get the KS price levels.


If you don’t do that, there is an upcharge of 20%. So one $14 Add-on choice would then be $16.80. 


This is Incorrect. 


The upcharge is ONLY if you back the project AFTER it ends next month. 


If you are already a backer, even if it's for $1, then you will have access to the KS prices. 


Any money that is pledged before the end of the project helps to unlock stretch goals; however, please pledge responsibly. 


2 hours ago, Kroas said:

Okay, my mistake for not stating I am confirmed doing core. I am backing this now. So there is only an upcharge if you do not back at all before the campaign ends. They didn't change the rules that even if you back now, the post KS fundraising prices change?




As for final project total, my estimate is between 4 and 4.5 million, based on how things have been going so far. 



--OneBoot :D 

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I'm not sure where some people are getting the idea that the Storm Giant is too small. Put into perspective, it's nearly 5 Sir Forscales tall. Compared to adventurer figures, I'm sure that it'll appear properly monolithic on the tabletop. It looks good, it'll be great to paint, and it'll be more than big enough when it's finally in our hands.

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13 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

Ouch, Bones 5 is killing it! I wonder what is driving the trend? Better Bones? The intro of Bones Black? Better word of mouth? or a combination of a lot of factors?


Plus a large number of returning backers. We may also be getting a lot of resellers who are speculating on getting the minis at Kickstarter prices and turning them around on Ebay, etc.

If you want to check for yourself, here are the links to all 5 projects on kicktraq.












I somehow posted these incorrectly, but if you copy and paste them into your browser bar, they will work.

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3 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

Ouch, Bones 5 is killing it! I wonder what is driving the trend? Better Bones? The intro of Bones Black? Better word of mouth? or a combination of a lot of factors?


I know word of mouth is what got me on board.  I have an old gaming buddy up in Milwaukee (I moved away from there 10 years ago) who I still see on occasion (my in-laws are in Wisconsin).  We stayed the night with them around Christmas 2017, so Bones 4 was still rather fresh on his mind, and he was talking up all the stuff in the set, and how the core set was something like 70¢ per mini.  That definitely put the Bones Kickstarters on my radar.


I honestly don't remember how I learned of Bones 5's start date (parent brain is real... Toddlers suck the memories right out of your head).  I suspect it was because I recently picked up a Goremaw mini, and am painting that up for my D&D game, so I watched a lot of YouTube mini painting videos in the last two months.  Then, one day about a month ago, the Reaper Live episode was a suggested video.  I'm an insomniac, so I watched it... That's my best guess as to how I learned Bones 5 was coming up.  (I'd also been wanting to make a Reaper order for a while, and have had a tab open for a long time, just looking at Reaper mini's every week or so... I probably saw a banner there).


Part of it is likely also "better bones," in the sense of mini's you can't get elsewhere (at least in plastic).  The Dungeon Dwellers set was an immediate buy for me when I saw the two Plague Doctors in the set... No one else sells a plastic Plague Doctor mini in 25mm/28mm scale... And I really needed them a few months ago.  The Greek expansion and the D&D-themed, recognizable chromatic dragons are another big driver, I'll bet.

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