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Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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2 hours ago, StarFyre said:


* all the massive models in Sanjay's room look at Glitterwolf sadly *


:( :( :(




A"few" massive models in Glitterwolf's storage facility look back, " we're fine with it, it's getting crowded here, please make that lazy wolf paint us so he can buy more" 

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I also like having some relatively static and nondescript townsfolk to add to the more dynamic characters from previous Kickstarters - in real life, most townsfolk you see around festivals and farmers' markets and what-not aren't very dynamic, either - of course you get a few who are talking animatedly, or paying for something, or carrying something, or working, or whatever, but many of the others are just minding their own business, going from one place to another, waiting for something, window-shopping, gawping at things, and so on.  Take a fistful of static townsfolk, and two market stalls, set two of the townies up behind the stalls as shopkeepers, and a smattering of the rest around the stall as shoppers, and they'll work just fine for a standard-issue street scene for adventurers to chase a thief through or whatever....


I don't think the Core Set and Dungeon Dwellers Expansion get a lot of credit for what they've got going for them, either - these sets are filled with some great stuff: 


Core Set:

  • The undead giant is awesome - I might not have gotten this on its own, but in the core set, it's great stuff!
  • Not one, but TWO mid-sized dragons, plus another small one - Reaper's got lots of really big dragons, not very many at a tabletop dungeon-crawl-friendly scale, and these are nice sculpts.  And, as I've been told before:  "You can NEVER have too many dragons!"  (I don't use them often, but when I do, it's either mid-sized, or something that can be well represented by a mid-sized model....)
  • About a dozen or so decent adventurer types.  These will be more useful for my players than for me, but it's always nice to have a good variety, and some of these (like the brawling Dwarf Monk) are in some unusual race/class combinations - nice!
  • Several NPC types in interesting outfits and poses (1003, 1013, 1022, 1026, 1108, 1109, 1110, etc.) - those who are disappointed in the more static poses of the stand-alone townsfolk must surely find a lot to like among these characters, which include characters that make nice high-born lords and ladies, sages and scholars, travelers....  I can always find a use for NPC characters like these.
  • Several nice villains - 1101 and 1023 are especially interesting for me as characters, and again, I can always find a use for NPCs.  I really like the witch.
  • Several nice undead - Reaper always does decent undead, and these are especially good and creepy.
  • Several boulder-kin and a couple animated stick monsters (twig blights? stick golems? evil tree spirits?) - I like the little groups of themed monsters like these, and these look like they'd make nice monsters, elementals, nature spirits, fey creatures, familiars, summoned creatures for druids and whatnot, etc.
  • Some sort of Rodent of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S.) and a stag - both are great little sculpts for animal companions, dire monsters, etc.
  • A dire grub-thing - I love this sort of monster: it's weird and gross, and doesn't seem to quite match anything in the usual monster manuals and invites me to homebrew some stats for it, and I'd be perfectly fine using it as a not-Carrion Crawler....
  • A not-Cloaker and a Basilisk - both are good, classic monsters; we've seen both in different sculpts before, but these looks like good, creepy, and more detailed updates, and I don't mind seeing them again.
  • A snake-woman - she matches a handful of serpent-people in the same style from the previous Kickstarter, which were nice sculpts.  These, I think, are some of my favorite serpent/lizard-people sculpts, it's nice to see another.
  • Krampus???  - This was a monster I didn't know I wanted... probably not something I'd pick up on its own, but as part of the Core Set, I'm already thinking of a way to use it.  And what a great-looking sculpt!
  • Two Scarecrows - I've got a soft spot for scarecrows as monsters ever since getting creeped out by Dark Night of the Scarecrow as a kid, and the skinnier scarecrow is a great monster - another of those things that works as a construct/golem, summoned monster for a wizard or sorcerer or whatever, a form of undead, etc.  The bigger ogre-like pumpkin-head scarecrow probably wouldn't see as much use at my game table, but I can't dislike it, and I kind of want to try finding a home for it - it's still a nice sculpt.  The other golems are decent and useful, too - we've seen a smaller version of one of these guys before, but that's alright; the clay golem looks creepy and I could find many other uses for it, and the stained glass golem at the very least ought to be fun to paint.
  • 18 Bonus Kobolds - it's hard to get excited about the bonus monsters, since they're always something we've seen before, but I can't rightly say they've ever been useless additions to the Core Set, and it's nice to see these Kobolds match the ones from the last couple Kickstarters, as these sculpts have a nice variety of characters....
  • A half-dozen or so Elf Rangers - these are in a similar sculpt to some Elves we've seen before, including another Elf Ranger and an Elf Wizard, and the lady elf in the "Female NPCs" part of this Core Set also looks very close in style and costume; the matching uniforms make for a great warband of Elves (or humans), and the hoods, cloaks, and what-not add to their versatility as henchmen for the PCs, guards for an elf village or an Elf hunting party or militia, villains in the form of Dark Elves or cultists, human or demi-human bandits or mercenaries or assassins, etc.  I think these are a great, flexible group of minis.
  • A handful of Dark Elves - I've got a lot of these guys already and rarely use them, but the sketches look great.  The stick-monster that comes with them looks like another handy golem, nature-spirit, or whatever....
  • A few Dread Wolves - wolves are a routine low-level encounter in a forest setting, and these undead wolves make great stand-ins for wolves, dire wolves, undead wolves, wargs, etc.  A nice, versatile model that would surely find a home in any RPG group's collection.
  • Several Child Adventurers - even if you've got no room for child adventurers, these would still make great halflings/gnomes, and I'm thinking of using them as sidekicks and other NPCs.  Add the translucent wings from one of the earlier Bones Kickstarters, and they'd make quite convincing fey creatures, too.  And about half of them come with animal companions that would surely be useful on their own, at least.
  • Catfolk - maybe not for everyone, but my group would love them, and these are beautiful catfolk models!
  • Trolls - a quite common staple of fantasy RPGs, and there are plenty of other Troll minis out there, but I think these three are some of my favorites.
  • Catoblepas - I don't think I've seen a mini for one of these in a long, long time - maybe not for everyone, but I like this quirky interpretation of this monster:  somehow absurd and creepy at the same time.
  • A brain-in-a-well - a nice, weird, Lovecraftian monster... I don't think I've seen anything quite like it anywhere else.
  • Some scatter terrain / dungeon dressing - this sort of thing might not be exciting, but it is always useful, whether you're a tabletop gamer, wargamer, making display/diorama sets, etc.
  • Spell effects - I've never used this sort of thing before and never thought "gee, I wish I had this", so I'm not sure what to make of it yet, but I might well find it useful once I actually try it out.
  • Dragon-wolf - not quite my sort of thing, but it's a nice model.
  • Pizza-dragon and Dire Cabbage - I think most of the Core Sets have included some novelty figures, and these fit the bill for this Kickstarter... the Dire Cabbage is creepy enough to use as a more serious monster, and the pizza dragon is rather cute; it would make a great gift even if it's not something I'd find a use for.


There's a lot of solid miniatures there, and there seems to be more to come.  Maybe a lot here that has been done before, but still not a lot of stuff that would be totally useless, in my book.  To me, this looks like one of the most consistent Core Sets yet, and the sculpts are generally excellent, with few exceptions.  I'm excited to see what else gets added to it!



Dungeon Dwellers Expansion:

  • Owlbear - a nice, traditional dungeon-crawl favorite, and this looks like a decent version of it.
  • A dozen or so Adventurers - sure, it's hard to get excited about more adventurers if you've been here for the previous four Kickstarters, and a couple of these have appeared before as "freebies" for loyal Reaper customers, but these are overall a great collection of useful adventurers in traditional race/class combinations, in some nice sculpts.
  • Three nice Halfling adventurers - there aren't a lot of decent Halfling sculpts around in plastic, and these are fantastic!
  • Plague Doctors - I'll be using these as creepy cultists!
  • A half-dozen goblins and two goblin cavalry - we've seen lots of goblins before, but, like the Kobolds in the Core Set, these are some nice models, and it's nice to see these matching the goblins from the previous couple Kickstarters.
  • About a half-dozen orcs or hobgoblins - we've seen lots of orcs before, but these look like they're in a new style.  I don't really distinguish much between orcs and hobgoblins, but they're different enough from the previous Bones Orcs, and similar enough to the previous Bones hobgoblins, that I think these would surely find a niche somewhere.
  • A handful of giant rats - maybe not the most exciting of models, and Reaper has made some Bones rats before, but these look like more detailed and creepier-looking sculpts, and fit quite well into a basic "beginner's set" sort of expansion like this.
  • A decent Ogre and Troll - the Ogre we've seen before, but it's not a bad one, it looks like it fits well with the other Bones ogres, and the troll likewise looks similar to the Core Set's trolls.  Again, these staples of fantasy dungeon crawls are quite suitable for a "beginner's set" like this.
  • A great succubus/demoness/she-devil - Reaper always does some great sculpts of these monsters, and this is not exception.
  • A mid-sized dragon - another nice, generic, dungeon-crawl-friendly dragon:  not too big or too small to get any practical use from, and a perfect generic, entry-level dragon for this sort of "beginner's set".
  • Some dungeon-dressing/scatter terrain - in the form of the always-useful pile of treasure.  I don't think Reaper's ever done this before.


As has been frequently noted, the Dungeon Dwellers expansion is more like a "beginner's set" for those who are new to Bones Kickstarters and don't have a big collection of minis already, and for that purpose, this set excels:  some common adventurer types (generic fighters, beardy wizards, an axe dwarf, a sneaky rogue or two, etc.), a single bit of iconic terrain, and a nice variety of monster basics, like a troll, ogre, dragon, a few giant rats, and a fistful of orcs/hobgoblins and goblins - all the makings of a great little low-level adventure.  The succubus, plague-doctor cultists, and halflings are especially nice... over all, it's a well-rounded expansion with a lot of useful stuff, and especially a treat for new gamers, though there's a lot of useful stuff here even for those of us who might have seen it all before (in many cases, we've seen it before in the first couple Bones Kickstarters, with older sculpts that came out with a lot less detail than this set promises to be, especially if it comes in Bones Black, as seems to be the case....)



Together, the Core Set look like a fantastic, no-brainer combination for anyone new to Bones Kickstarters - add in the Townsfolk and the Rune Wights as Options, and you've really got a good chunk of the best of the Kickstarters so far.  Even as someone who has been here for every Bones Kickstarter so far, this combination would be hard to say no to.



I think these sets are quite nice as-is, but it seems like at least a few backers seem to be complaining about these sets, yet nobody seems to have any suggestions for what they would have wanted instead.  If you felt let down by this Kickstarter, what would make an ideal Core Set for you?

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7 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

The sound of gently cascading earth and small gravels is that" first step" eroding under your foot.

The "slippery slope" is beckoning. ::P:







Ooh, I'll be alright, I think I can resist..



Edited by Glitterwolf
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10 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I'm debating trying to paint the boulderkin as lavamen...


Why did you mention this?

I had no desire to get these, and now you made them interesting!

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Less than $10,000 to goal!  Hopefully we will see a rush of Monday morning action, and a civilized unlocking time around lunch! 


Now off to get the coffee started...

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So I bumped to my max pledge. Exchange is worse than I realized. There will be tough choices.

I also checked my settings about notifications - I'm supposed to be getting them, but I don't.



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Number Based on 0500-0600 Reaper time today:
Current Total Pledges: $2,135,725
Current Total Backers: 15,409
Next Goal At $2,145,000
To go to Next Goal $9,275
Hours to next goal based on gains this hour: 25.1
Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg: 10.4
Gain in last Hour: $369
New Backers This Hour: 0
Total Gain Today: $3,443
Total Gain 24 Hours: $21,306
Average Hourly Pledges Today: $492
Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours: $888
Current Average Pledge: $138.60
Average Hourly Backers Today: 2.0
Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours: 3.6
Previous Hour Total Pledges: $2,135,356
Previous Hour Total Backers: 15,409
Backers to beat Bones 1 2,273
Days to hit Bones 1 based on 24 hour average 26.4
Backers to beat Bones 2 -446
Backers to beat Bones 3 -1944
Backers to beat Bones 4 789
Days to hit Bones 4 based on 24 hour average 9.2
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the boat and gem dragon look amazing.  

I hope the gem dragon is produced as clear ... and then someone else paints it first. 

- I suppose I could attempt painting gems on some other clear first. - It seems a tricky prospect. 


Any Idea where we are on the engagements? 


as for the villagers - I probably won't get them, but they are on my like to buy list. 

the fact that they are static makes me reluctant to paint them. 

So it is likely I would never paint them, but unpainted villagers work better as background.  I did go back and count the number of non-combat NPCs I had already, to convince myself I didn't need more.  I bought the NPC set from the KS4 breakout and still have the dreadmere expansion with its fish-themed villagers. 


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477 on facebook, 692 on twitter, and 101 on Instagram as of right now.  Not sure how the count is on Twitch.

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3 minutes ago, Cygnwulf said:

477 on facebook, 692 on twitter, and 101 on Instagram as of right now.  Not sure how the count is on Twitch.

I think the problem with that particular goal is they used the same number as last time - 5k total engagements, and there might be some confusion. That and I don't recall seeing direct links to which post is supposed to be shared in the update. 

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1 minute ago, WhiteWulfe said:

I think the problem with that particular goal is they used the same number as last time - 5k total engagements, and there might be some confusion. That and I don't recall seeing direct links to which post is supposed to be shared in the update. 

that's probably not helping. 

Twitter and instagram it's the most recent post. Facebook the link in the news post goes to the group, you then have to click through to Reaper's actual page, and hope that the sorting algorithm doesn't decide to put something else first.

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Looking at the unlocks to date and what we've got left

1. Core set (2nd Oct)
2. Boulderkin
3. Valfuryx
4. Elf rangers
5. Dragonfolk
6. Dreadwolves
7. Catapult
8. Scarecrows
9. Townsfolk
10. Kid heroes 1
11. Dragonbust
12. Spell effects
13. Fire giant hellbringer
14. Grave kings
15. Dungeon dwellers 1
16. Catfolk
17. Aganzarax
18. Kid heroes 2
19. Dungeon dwellers 2
20. Golems
21. Mouselings
22. Dreadmere heroes
23. Paints
24. Dreadmere villains
25. Troll bridge encounter
26. Trolls
27. Female NPCs
28. Dungeon dwellers 3
29. Mammoth
30. Fantasy Dinos
31. Catoblepas
32. Yokai
33. Dragonwolf
34. Witch + 1" bases (3rd Oct)
35. Daimyo 1
36. The thing in the well
37. Deathrattle Ballista
38. Spell effects 2
39. Daimyo 2
40. Narthalyssk
41. Reaper + 2" bases (4th Oct)
42. Goroloth (5th Oct)
43. Farflinger Trebuchet
44. Armory (6th)
45. Daimyo 3 (7th)
46. Shavynra (8th)
47. Greek Odyssey 1 (9th)
48. Storm Giant
49. Spiders of Emrith Kul (10th)
50. Krateryx (11th)
51. Dark depths (12th)
52. Rune Wights (13th)
53. Dark elves (15th)
54. Arakoth (17th)
55. Greek Odyssey 2 (18th)
56. Elemental Scions (~20th)
57.  Brineward (~21st)
58.  Encounter at Gallowgard (~23rd)
59. Dark Depths 2 (~25th)
60. ??? (27th)
61. Greek Odyssey 3
62. ???
63. Brineward 2
64. ???
65. Dark Depths 3
66. ???
67. Brineward 3

One of the future unlocks has been shown so we can expect the ship.

Going off the later average of 55k per unlock, and assuming it stays at 1 unlocks between each expansion, 15 unlocks on every page and assuming the current lull continues until the final week, we'd need 
-7 unlocks (385k) in the final week to complete the current expansions
-13 unlocks (715k) in the final week to unlock another expansion
-15 unlocks (825k) in the final week to complete the next page

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As of day 20...


The total pledge count finally fell below a previous KS (Bones 3), but that is not surprising as that campaign only went 19 days. We'll also fall below Bones 2 in about 2 days, but should surpass both in the end.


Backers total is still strong and trending to eclipse the past records and 20K if we get even a moderate last day surge.



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On 10/19/2019 at 9:20 AM, TGP said:

Custom spider bases: Guys there’s always Litko. (Can’t link to them ...commerce rule.)  But if we work up an order now they’ll have it done long before the spiders ship from China...


@TaleSpinner are you allowed to give spider’s exact ground foot print?






That's a 130mm disk I used for sizing and posing. Note that four legs should fit on the base (I think in the printed one they showed they switched to two middle legs on the right side which is why one is off the base).



On 10/19/2019 at 1:46 PM, PaganMegan said:


Maybe Cadirith is the male, and this is the female?


That would be my take on it.


On 10/19/2019 at 2:00 PM, Skallabjorn said:

 Cadrith is a demon spider. Demons don't die, they discorporate, return to their plane of origin for a variable amount of time and PLOT REVENGE!


Sweet, that way she gets to eat him more than once.

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