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Lexomatic's Dreadmere

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This is the thread where I'll paint my Dreadmere stuff to go with new Bones V stuff when it arrives.

I started with my extra Gulper ( 44038 ) and rowboat (Dreadmere Fishing Boat 44032 ).

starting with Gulper inspiration - the redtail catfish.




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I started with a grey /yellow primer mix, because I think it looks interesting. 20191023_003401.thumb.jpg.7caf9abefd7491738691fc1f86ed58c0.jpg

Then I did a base coat with a bunch of warm off whites.20191023_010231.thumb.jpg.690361aee2896b88b6f4d203e877b34a.jpg


Then Buckskin Pale fins and eyes20191023_010314.thumb.jpg.51af00f8e583bcd4815464bbef154ffa.jpg

Stripes might be nice20191023_010401.thumb.jpg.67feaaa776ad20b40ba46f0c0aee322d.jpg

Why not make them darker and add other colors - mostly yellow and orange20191023_010444.thumb.jpg.236cb23a550b4209e8c32e396e0303b4.jpg20191023_010536.thumb.jpg.c571f6a0ad3c1f9a2851cc2f517dc1ce.jpg

Then how about cayman green. 20191023_003241.thumb.jpg.3df3b20ad566e30945fd9a0ea6f03073.jpg

I left needing a bigger boat.

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Think I'm gonna leave the fish.

I did some touch ups on the net, post, fish, and dry brush on the wood.

I also measured out a mast that I might make as a plug - in for my other rowboat.




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