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Starship IV Kickstarter


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Though I currently would have no practical use for it, I like the overall concept. Especially with the tons of goals and add-ons from the older KS.


Of all the previous Starship KS, this one has a strong Firefly vibe to the design (just like Transport Delta had the not so subtle Star Wars vibe).

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Okay, did some figuring for using these ships for Starfinder.
The Chimera would be roughly 144' long making it a Medium ship
The Shuttle [regular length] is 52' making it Tiny
Stretch Shuttle just makes into the Small category
Beta Scout, regular length is Small
Beta Stretch puts it into the Medium Category
Delta Transport is 84' making it a Small
Hope this helps

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Hi guys, thanks Corsair for the mention! Ben here from 2nd Dynasty. I followed the breadcrumbs from Kickstarter back here, which tickled me since I've backed every Reaper since the first Bones. Thank you all so much for the kind words, know they weren't directed at me, but it really is still nice to read!

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