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Lord Cireneg's City


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f75a0fa11db79734393ad69372c205d6_origina All this and more comes with the Lord Cireneg's City pledge! (Some stretch goals shown)

Lord Cireneg's City is a bustling city with buildings stacked side by side to create a true feeling of a metropolis of the medieval age, suited to your medieval or fantasy setting. This is the second of multiple Kickstarter campaigns, each building upon the previous campaign of the border fort to eventually make it into a magnificent castle fit for a king.

Not only does this contain buildings for creating residential areas of a city but you can also create busy marketplaces, belltowers to dominate the skyline and inns for that exciting starting point for any great RPG.

Pieces stack upon each other for quick assembly and disassembly.

STL files are scaled for 28mm gaming.

project video thumbnail

This Kickstarter campaign is best combined with the Border Fort to create an impressive walled city. Purchase the city walls, along with many other designs previously created, in the "I'm New Here, What's All This" pledge level or if you would like to try out a free design, click the link to download many of the free designs (or purchase other designs) from my store at DriveThruRPG. Some are pay what you want so if you like them you could spend a little bit if you so desire. 


Included with the Hear Ye Hear Ye pledge will be:


A variety of files to make housing for a populated city. This will come in 2 different widths and 3 different depths with 2 different styles and a variety of different roof types. This allows you to stack them upon each other as high as you would like for a different style of housing every time you game!  

a053ad369f615c56f24da153d6e00bd6_origina 8 different roofs. The thin ones have a long and medium sized length. The thicker widths ones have 4 long roofs, 1 medium sized and 1 small. There is also a piece to go on the top of each chimney.
9312d7c87ae7a6a4a02a3d20e52a34c7_origina All the different wall options. 22 different types.
7ef4fac1ea9b011ff38d3e6e70b0bd84_origina 2 different floors types. 1 with joists flush with the walls 1 with joists sticking out. 3 different lengths, 2 different widths. 9 in total.
43cb15d2dab11a0c1df6016d8327459d_origina The base pieces are where the city buildings join horizontally. There are 14 pieces in total. They have 2 different lengths and 2 different widths. Some pieces are for either end of the street and there are even some included if you want to have them as standalone buildings.

The sheer amount of these gives you endless options for the city of your choice!

So how do they fit together?

Pieces vertically slot together on a simple peg system. Pieces horizontally are joined only at the base piece with a dovetail join. This makes it easy for putting together and packing away.

You do need to be selective when choosing your pieces as pieces share joining walls. So a large piece beside a small piece will have an extra half wall to enclose the interior while other pieces are completely enclosed so they can be at the end of the street or at the top tier of your building, rising above the rest.

project video thumbnail
87eac4f4e79a25cfefe5d688c9493428_origina Piecing together is easy. Just choose the pieces you want and stack them up!
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On 10/25/2019 at 7:03 PM, haldir said:

I backed this one as soon as I got the notification (4th backer!!!). Keiran runs a good campaign & has fulfilled every KS I've been in on, on time. One of the best on KS.


Ditto. I need this like another hole in my head, but I have printed a lot of the wizard towers and bridges. Nice simple easy to stack designs. Not as detailed as printable sceneries stuff, but much simpler to assemble. So I am already in....well that and that crazy looking corner inn...




and the bell for the bell tower is pretty cool., and....

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