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Johnny 5 (Custom scratch built/kit bash)


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The gun is the wrong shape, and it never had an extended barrel.    

He also had a set of wheels at the back.   


Those are the detractions...   


On the plus I need to quote Jack Black

'Johnny Freakinouter!'   


And the rear wheel always looked out of place anyways...


Awesome custom build!


Do you think it would be possible to add the 'eyebrows'?

(Both above and below the optics)


To get it any 'better' would likely require etched metal for body panels and tracks.    


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Glad you guys like it!


As for it's accuracy, it's more of an inspired by kitbash than an attempt to fully recreate it. 


As for the eyebrows, it might me possible but at this scale I'm not sure how feasible they would be. I'm amazed the hands I scratch built are as sturdy as they have turned out to be. I'd be afraid the eyebrows would just break off at any provocation. 

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That's an impressive kitbash.  Nicely done.  If you were going to add one thing more I agree that it would be the eyebrows but I didn't miss them until Gadgetman pointed them out.  I to like your take on the motorized base, the little stabilizing wheel in the back always looked frail and redundant


Great job!

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