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Narthrax the dragon

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10 hours ago, Pampala said:

My take on Narthrax. For a friend GM who is going to introduce him to his party. I'm pretty sure Narthrax won't make it alive :).... hours to paint, minutes to kill. What a shame :) d8e792e630c8d52937aa84aaebbe84ea.0.jpg.1c41971115f560ab36a2add759b2ae25.jpg

Absolutely gorgeous.


The way my table runs combat, it'd still take hours to kill this fella... With eight players plus the DM, our combats often run around twenty minutes per round!


Still probably a lot less time than it took to paint him, though. 

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I like it!  Definitely a pretty paint job.  I hope your DM friend gives him the power he deserves.  Dragons should always be a major challenge


In 30 years of serious gaming I think my groups have managed to kill 6 dragons?  And most of those were weakened or mad as a hatter.  And even then the party spent a good part of their gains in healing and ressurections.

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