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Infinity: Defiance

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 Infinity Defiance is a dungeon crawler board game with high-quality metal miniatures that are fully compatible with the Infinity Tabletop Skirmish Game. This new co-op game from Corvus Belli involves a deeply immersive narrative component in which you are the protagonist.




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They've been doing preview articles on this. I'll paste one in below.


What to expect from Infinity Defiance?



An article by Belén Moreno

Infinity Defiance is a cooperative dungeon crawler that Corvus Belli will release via Kickstarter this fall. This is a game that uses metal miniatures that is fully compatible with Infinity.

Those of you who were at Gen Con or Interplanetario will already know what to expect from Infinity Defiance. You had the chance to learn the basic mechanics and to play a very fun demo of the game. For those of you who couldn't make it, we're going to unravel what can you expect from Corvus Belli’s brand new game.

Infinity Defiance is a dungeon crawler, and you will not be disappointed. It has all you’re looking for within this genre. As you might know, a dungeon crawler is a game of exploration. In this case, players will explore the most unknown corners across the Human Sphere. In addition to this, they will discover new areas beyond the Human Edge that no one has ever managed to cross before.

The four heroes will set course for this suicide mission aboard the Defiance, one of the ships that O-12 has floated to prevent the advance of the Combined Army. The objective is pretty clear: they must cross the Aqueronte wormhole that connects with the home system of the Evolved Intelligence (EI). This is a very dangerous mission with no return journey, since crossing a wormhole in the opposite direction can only be achieved with the latest technology and the right team. The main objective is to surprise the Combined Army by going beyond the known universe. Once there, you will have to destroy the construction of a portal that would allow EI to achieve the proper jumping ability to start a large-scale attack.


Each mission will bring you closer to your goal. However, as with allgood dungeon crawlers, the path won’t be very easy: every step you take will be followed very closely by EI, who won’t hesitate to send their most lethal warriors, the Shasvastii, to prevent your progress. These villains will be increasingly powerful and dangerous.

The villains in Infinity Defiance will be controlled through an automatic Artificial Intelligence that will grant actions to enemies. In alternation with the heroes, they will surely try to disrupt all of your plans.


With this in mind, we are facing an exciting adventure that evolves and grows with each game, with a very solid narrative system that will introduce you to the story and hook you in every time.

Dungeon crawlers are also known for their tile system. Of course, you can expect to find these in Infinity Defiance. Double-sided tiles with hexagonal squares that will immerse you in the setting. You will truly feel that you are fulfilling a mission in each of the different scenarios! The art of the tiles was put together by the great Keith Lowe.


Part of the engine of the game is shared with another of the most successful games belonging to Corvus Belli - Aristeia! That’s why players will find some several items in common, such as the mechanics related to dice rolling since they share the same type of symbols on the dice.


All of the miniatures in the game are produced in metal with the quality that Corvus Belli has made famous. They are fully compatible with Infinity, meaning that everything that comes out in Infinity Defiance will have its counterpart in the Infinity universe.

Of course, you can expect even more heroes, enemies, and surprises that will be unlocked throughout the crowdfunding campaign.

Infinity Defiance will be available starting this fall through Kickstarter. The three-week campaign will allow players to unlock exclusive material and to always be present during its development. Certainly, that’s a unique opportunity to discover the best Dungeon Crawler on the market!



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Oof, that's some....  That pricing will need some thought if I can get in.  Tempting, but that's definitely "gotta think first" costs...

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That looks really good.   Shame no one in my group would play it.   I wouldn't mind picking up some of those minis, though. 



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I pledged $1 for now, but the pricing is a bit steep.  I need to find time to watch some gameplay, but I know my group would play it.  We really enjoy Mercs: Recon despite it's flaws.  This would be even better if it was up to 5 players though.  

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After some thought, as much as I want to it just isn't going to happen for me, not with the various commitments I currently have with other projects. 


Looks great, but I'll have to wait on retail if I want to do other things.. 

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I have a pledge for this one, but I don’t know anything about Infinity.  I have a few of the minis just because I thought they look cool, and this sounded like a good way to get into playing.


I guess this “dungeon crawler” thing means it’s a more casual boardgamey experience set in the Infinity (which is a skirmish game?) universe.  It lets you use existing minis from Infinity, but it also comes with a bunch of new ones.


What’s the deal with “Reinforcement Packs”?  Are these existing mini designs from Infinity that can be used in Defiance?  I can’t tell if I need them, or they’re optional for playing Defiance.  Are they optional add-ons because some backers already have them?  Is 45€ a good deal for these?


Sorry for all the questions, but I’d appreciate if someone can help me make sense of this.  I feel like this KS is for people that already know Infinity and I’m missing a lot of background info.

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Yes, this appears to be a boardgame dungeon crawler set in the Infinity universe - the Infinity game is a Skirmish game.


I'm not sure if it lets you use existing Infinity Miniatures, but presumably it does as the unit types in the reinforcement packs are consistent with Infinity unit types - the reinforcement packs look like they may be a mix of existing and new sculpts, but I'm not 100% sure on that. They are probably optional because backers were asking for miniatures that fit in with their faction, as the original project only has miniatures for a couple of the factions. The price looks about right for the contents


I don't know Infinity that well, but hopefully that helps you somewhat

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27 minutes ago, paintybeard said:

I assume this is at least partially aimed at the Asian market. So I wonder if anyone has thought about what "Gwailo" means in Cantonese.


Denegrating term for Westerners.



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