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Frozen Ninja: Plinths & Display Stands for Figures, Miniatures, & Busts!


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Welcome to my Kickstarter!

My name is Mark Norton, and I am working full-time as a sculptor going by the name Frozen Ninja 3D. I am designing and sculpting my own line of highly detailed figures with the hopes of bringing people together for fun hobby times.  Please visit the bottom of this page for examples of my work, and to see the quality I am trying to achieve.

This is the fourth Kickstarter project that I have run, and the third project that features models entirely designed and sculpted by me. 

What is being offered in this project?

The goal of this project is to release an entire line of high quality plinths and display stands.  These plinths make any figure or bust stand out among the rest, and will make an exciting addition to any collection.   In addition, these plinths will help bring your competition entries to that next level.

FIRST - MEDIUM SIZE PLINTHS - $12 each, or cheaper if you get a "Bundle" Pledge.

To start the project, I am offering Medium size Plinths.  The top of the Medium plinth is approximately 35mm across, which is ideal for most miniatures, and busts look awesome on them as well.  These plinths are about 44mm Tall, with base sizes ranging from 42mm to 49mm.   Each plinth will be supplied unpainted.

In addition to Medium Size Plinths, I have Large Size Plinths planned as stretch goals, as well as some other fun sizes.  

I have a lot of great models planned for this project!  Here is the starting lineup (scroll down further to see the stretch goals that are planned...)


Add-On List

Here is a list of all of the plinths that are currently available in this Kickstarter project.  I will continue to update this list as stretch goals are reached.

Shipping will be charged separately, please refer to the shipping chart below for rates.


Stretch Goals

These are the plinths that will be available once we hit certain funding levels.

The First Stretch Goal is titled "Chains".  The Medium Plinth will be unlocked if we can reach $1,800 in funding.  It will be available as an Add-On for $12.

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1 hour ago, Mckenna35 said:

Funded!  Woohoo!

Ooh!  Thanks for sharing my project!  


1 hour ago, LittleBluberry said:

Ooooo, that flower plinth could be perfect for the flower girl bust I've got sitting around here somewhere.  I'll need to check back after the Halloween madness.

I am designing 2 flower plinths, and either one would be great for the flower girl bust!  I will be sharing those a little later.   




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Happy Halloween!!

Thank you very much for coming along with me on this project!  It has been really exciting so far, and I hope to continue the excitement.  

We have already unlocked the first 2 stretch goals, "Chains" and 2 "Medium Shorties"!  I am thrilled!!

Next up we have the 3rd stretch goal, "Flowers & Vines", and then the 4th stretch goal "Plinth Guts" (looks like our little plinth friend had too much candy!)


I am finishing up these 2 and I hope to have the test prints to show on Saturday.  

Also, I will be doing some resin casting to test out a new plinth in a new resin, so stay tuned for that (I am super excited and cannot wait to get this new resin test done, so I am going to do it tomorrow Friday with the hopes of showing something on Saturday.)

Thanks again!  Stay safe out there tonight!

Happy Halloween!

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On 10/31/2019 at 7:27 PM, TripleH said:


Maybe we could get @Frozen Ninja 3D to sculpt up a Geisha?

I like that idea a lot!


Here are some new pictures!  First one is my Work in Progress Flower Girl on the newly Unlocked Flower plinth!  Then there is the Ice plinth, it is a resin casting.  I think they turned out fantastic!!!




Photo Nov 03, 6 53 18 PM.jpg


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*** UPDATE ***


The Medium Plinth "Plinth Guts" has now been unlocked!  I am still working on the 3d print, so that will be shown soon.

I updated the Kickstarter page with the next stretch goal - 2 more Medium Shorties!  And I am working on the next stretch goal as well, which will be very exciting!

I have also updated pictures, and I am trying my best to advertise on Social Media.  If you would like to help boost the project, please share it with your friends.  I would greatly appreciate that.

Thanks again for your support!  Stay tuned for some more exciting updates coming out very soon.


Here are some pictures of the plinths with 75mm busts and also 30mm miniatures on them!

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