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Early Modern Monster Hunters: Gravedigger

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The existential dread of mortality! This sallow and sombre undertaker is a great reminder that the old man with the scythe gets closer every minute. OSL was fun to work with here.
77143, the Undertaker/ Gravedigger pairs nicely with this little fella from a Familiars 2 pack (77196 in Bones, can't seem to find the listing for the metal version). 

When you dig my grave, make it shallow,
So that I can feel the rain.

Click for more turnarounds.




As it's almost Halloween, it's good to consider that maybe the REAL monster was inside us the whole time--a spooky, scary skeleton!
Here's 03467, DHL Classic Skeletons; 02296, the Wight of Westbarrow; 59021, Bone Fiend, and 77347, Barrow Warden 2.


And some shots with both inhumer and inhumed.



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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      A long term resident of the Shelf of Incompletion. A year or so back I got the idea of swaping out his shovel for the ax from one of Reaper's weapon packs, but until recently didn't have much luck in getting it to stay glued. He's a rather interesting sculpt, his hat and coat are rather witch hunterlike, also I'm not able to determine a reason why the local grave digger needs armored shoulders, but his face and robe also make one wonder if perhaps he dabbles in necromancy on the weekends. Eventually I'll have to pick up another one of him, see what a necromancer conversion might turn out like...

      It could be argued that an ax is a vital tool for undertakers, considering the likelihood of the local crypt containing a ghoul warren...

    • By Painting Miniatures
      I took photos from start to finish on this project. The horror theme wasn't originally intended but sort of came to be when I noticed the dragons blood red!

    • By Kev!
        Entombed treasure you wish to see, then vanquish you must the Wardens three!

      Click to zoom,
    • By strawhat
      I haven't held a brush in many years, but it was bound to happen again--Evil cannot be contained forever.  I now commence the assault on your senses with a selection of miniatures.  The pictures aren't very good, but we have a start(l)ing place.  Besides, they've just gone through the liner so there's not much (Deep HurtingTM) to see yet.  Right now, I'll be looking for tabletop quality.
      The Imperial Assault minis are the group we've been using for the campaign and a selection of wookiees because I thought they might be fun.  Diala Passil (Force-wielding twi'lek) is my character. I plan on painting her pretty closely to the character art.  One of the Wookiee Warriors has been hit with Grey Liner, and the other with Brown Liner.  I think the grey one will be an older wookie with white/grey fur or perhaps some streaks.  I might make the other Warrior a very dark brown or even black.  Gaarkhan (wookiee) is another player and will be a lighter (blonde-ish) furred individual.  Chewbacca has been included because he was feeling left out, and it's not wise to upset a wookiee.  Mak Eshka'Rey (bothan) is our ranged fighter/sniper.  Mak will be painted orange/amber as inspired by our youngest cat and will have a blue uniform because I don't much care for green.  Davith Elso (Force-wielding human) rounds out the party.  Davith will also probably closely match the character art.  
      The goal is to have the four PCs all painted for the final game of the campaign in three weeks.

      The Undertaker has been given his base of Brown Liner.  I'll never use it in a game, but he would make a decent representation of The Necromancer for a fantasy setting that sometimes lurks in my head.  The Grave Minions (not pictured--I'm working on it) will be with him and undercoated with Blue Liner.  I could really use more Minions (perhaps even some worker-types).  I think they're really a neat little concept.  Anyway, these will be companions to The Necromancer.  I'm betting that at least one will have a white pumpkin for a head, and will all have a blue glow (if I can manage it) in their heads.  Vorvorlaka has received his Grey Liner.  I'm thinking he will be either grey, or very pale.  He might be "in limbo" for some time as I work that out.  The Graveyard Golem was also subjected to Grey Liner.  This one just jumped out at me as an incredible figure during the campaign.  I thought it was one of the coolest things, even though I'm unlikely to ever use it.  It's a little intimidating realizing just how much opportunity for color there is with the golem.  It doesn't have to be all brown earth and grey stone.  The Carrion Worm (also not pictured, hopefully this weekend) will also be hit with the Blue Liner.  The current plan is to have something somewhere between a rather fleshy grub and a bloodworm (glycera).

    • By redambrosia
      My Spring Exchange buddy, EbonStorms, requested "something unusual from the Chronoscope line". Now, most of the Chronoscope line can be described as such but I set out to fulfill the request. He also said he'd be playing a mini skirmish game called Vortex, which based on what I found online, sounded like it included sci-fi, post-apocalypse, western, or basically anything you felt like throwing in there.
      At my LGS I found something I figured fit the bill pretty well. Studio 2/Pinnacle Entertainment Group mini, manufactured by Reaper as a part of the Savaged Worlds line, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. There were a number to choose from, but I finally narrowed it down to the Toxic Shaman or the female Templar. Then I decided to send both
      I decided to go with the toxic theme for the shaman, and gave him snake skin pants, based on the rainbow boa snake. The iridescent sheen I made with "pearl" paint, a teeny bit of blue, a teeny bit of green, and a teeny bit of purple (seriously, not even a full paintbrush poke). Then I watered it way, way, waaaaaaaay, way down. Way down. Then I prayed I had watered it down enough and put it on his pants.... and I had watered it down enough! And I remembered to breath
      Anyway, the browns are reaper's blackened brown, shield brown, dark skin, dark skin highlight, ginger cookie, oiled leather, umm.... something else... I used a lot of brown. For the green I used christmas wreath base, then citadel warpstone glow, then reaper alien goo to make it all glowy. His eyes are alien goo cloured too His skin was based in redstone highlight, then tan flesh, then tan highlight.
      I'm really pleased with him. Hubby didn't want me to send him away He said he had a really cool idea for a NPC. I told him to buy me another and I'll paint him again

      I'm somewhat less pleased with the templar girly, if only because of how her bug friend went on the base. I dry fit him before hand, but once everything was painted up, the darn bug refused to go in how I wanted and I ended up having to put him facing the wrong direction and do a bunch of filling with the golden corse pumice gel (which is super neat stuff, btw). Darn pinning.
      Anyway, I did her skin in the tan skin triad. Her hair is black, with nightmare black highlights (so... blue!). Her wrap is the same christmas wreath, warpstone glow, but before the alien goo, I put down a layer of minty sample paint to get a jade-ish colour. I don't even remember the blues I used on her jeans I do know I used redstone, pumpkin, redstone, brown liner, and tan for the base (his base too, I think I used more pumpkin on his).

      And apparently she found some booze on the way to EbonStorms, because she's more tilty in the picture he showed. Bad girl!
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