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Sir Conlan, Alistrilee, & Sajan, Iconic Monk

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13 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Well done.

Sajan is my favorite, not just his skin but his eyes are in the right spot and of the right size as well giving him a realistic face.


Yeah, Alistrilee's eyes are HUGE. But those are the lines of her eyes on the model and I didn't adjust them any. Could have, but didn't.


7 hours ago, ShantyShakin said:

I love the colors you went with on these, especially the last one. Really pops! Nice work.


The colors on Sajan are actually replicated from the art of him in the Pathfinder RPG books. I didn't stray much from that when I saw them because they work. So not my idea!

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    • By fredou
      on this mini I have try to dilute a lot the paint to make nice shades on the robe and on the cloak.
      What do you think about it ?
      ps: the pics are not very clean because  I have take it with my low quality cellphone.


    • By Kev!
      ReaperCon Lickety Split painting by Tish Wolter, use the model to quickly get a table ready paint job.

      Kinda Ghoulish,
      P.S. Click thru for light box pics
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      Finished our latest party member. The player really liked the way he looked when I was working on it. 

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      Another new party member. They picked out their mini and gave me some tips on their character. 

    • By AutumnHare
      I finally finished all the Pathfinder Iconics.  (Until Bones 4 arrives.)
      Some of them turned out great, and for some, the best I can say is that they arent much worse than a pre-paint would be. 
      Either way, these guys will be called into service whenever a generic NPC is required. 
      89038 Oloch, Warpriest

      89037 Quinn, Investigator

      89036 Reiko, Ninja

      89017 Imrijka, Inquisitor

      89018 Sajan, Monk
      89019 Nakayama Hayato, Samurai

      89020 Harsk, Ranger and 77216 Biter, Badger

      89022 Alahazra, Oracle

      89023 Balazar, Summoner

      89025 Alain, Cavalier

      89027 Lini, Druid and Droogami, 77216 Snow Leopard

      89034 Crowe, Bloodrager

      And lastly a group shot of all the Iconics, including the ones from Bones 1:

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