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GETTING TO KNOW YOU NOVEMBER 2019 Brought to you By Glitterwolf


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16 hours ago, TGP said:

Extended Weekend Question:

November 29th;

November 30th;


November 32nd: Pick an army/ character/ monster you painted and tell us it's story! ( heroic or monstrous deeds, battlereports, quest reports)


While I wait a bit so that the first question doesn't auto-merge in the December thread I can finally answer @Glitterwolf 's final question.


These might be my first wargaming miniatures!



This is more of a navy than an army. They are all scratch built and Some of the earliest things I painted. The scale of them is 1 to 1200. The grid they are sitting on is one inch squares. Most of them are Ironclads of types built between 1860 and 1890. A strange and curious period. In the foreground of the first picture the perfectly circular ship is a Russian ship, the Novgorod. It was quite un-steerable because of its circular hull. Next to it there is a typical casemate Ironclad as built by the Confederacy.



Picture two is a top down view. The longest ship at four inches is HMS Minotaur, at the time it was built it was the longest warship in the world. There are some 28mm or 25mm dwarfs lurking about to provide another scale reference. The architectural things are gun battery markers made out of picture framing matte board. The ship right above the Russian in this shot might be a Dutch ship named Schorpioen.



This last picture shows some very early torpedo boats including two spar torpedo boats, an insanely dangerous contraption almost certainly guaranteed to kill their crews. @Glitterwolf The little ship with the black smokestack and the grey hull might be my attempt to model a Dutch Ironclad named Schorpioen. It is either that one or the one next to the Russian. It has been so long since I built these I don't remember for sure.


Anyway, this little squadron of ships battled their way up the length of a tabletop 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. They did this six times, in six different linked scenarios. It was an alternate history where The American Civil War did not take place until 1875 or so. The British intervened and found themselves trying to force their way up the (or maybe down) the mighty Mississipi River. Britain had come in on the side of the Confederates, but the Union held the river banks in many locations. Strangely, the River was always 4800 feet wide (4 feet of table) in each location where battle ensued.

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