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I thought people might enjoy watching me helplessly flailing about as I attempt to paint an exceptionally intricate mini.


This is Tzandi:-




She's one fourth of my Monkey King Gang.

Made a little progress today:-




Painted her skin.

This started as a base of Elf Flesh, was shaded with Flesh Wash and then highlighted with Elf Flesh and 1:1 Elf Flesh/Light Flesh.

She then got lips of 1:1:1 Elf Flesh/Light Flesh/Warlord Purple, and dots of Brown Wash for eyes and between her lips.

I had made a little bit of a mess painting her hands, so I went back over them carefully with Flesh Wash, just to give her separate fingers again.


I automatically started painting her bosom as skin before realising she's wearing a dress under her corset, so that will be painted over eventually. The next job is hair and her ridiculously tiny hair ribbons. 

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Well, I mean - even if you painted her bosom, you could make something like a see-through style cleavage part of her dress. That would fit the character, I think ...

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I don't think I'm up to it, but I'll give it a whirl (I can always paint over it if/when I screw up), I'll have to try and find a guide or something, see if it's as complicated as it sounds.







Did her hair (Hexed Lichen > 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Off-white > Off-white with 3 brushtipfuls of the previous mix > Blue Wash) and hair ribbons (1:1 Ochre Yellow/Orange Fire > 1:1:1 Ochre Yellow/Orange Fire/Off-white > Sepia Wash with Bronze end thingys).

I'm not too sure about those ribbons, on the sculpt it's hard to tell what's ribbon and what's hair, and one's much longer than the other two for some reason.


Double collar thing is next.

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Did her collar (Warlord Purple > 1:1 Warlord Purple/Off-white), weird bone-finger things (Iraqi Sand > Brown Wash > Bonewhite) and weird fish head things (Bronze).


Next up, the water spouts on the fish heads and then her shoulder armour.

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Thanks guys!

I've got to try hard to not let this one get too colourful.



Little bit of progress:-




Finished off her headband fish head things with spouts of Oily Steel > Blue Wash > Oily Steel.

I then reversed the colours for her fish head shoulder-pad.

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I've never had much success with making mini "not too colorful".  I wish you greater success.

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