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Last year I had a goal of 15 and  finished 20.

this year ill try for 20. 

I got into a really helpful rhythm last time which was this.  Each Day Prime 1, basecoat one, finish the details on a 3rd. 

it kept my standard quality up as I didn't have to do a figure from start to finish each day, I could put it down and work out the last problems the next day. 

When I have to wait for the paint to dry,  I just pick up the next one and make a few easy choices.  


Day One 

anti-paladin. basecoat and start details - will fix problem areas tomorrow. 

hot coals: primed  (this will be painted as a milkshake for dragons.  It will need some greenstuff. 

halfling : primed 

armored guy: selected 


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not the best week for painting.  

This next guys cloak was a lot more layers than I was expecting.  Normally the NNM gold is my best coverage yellow, but not this time. 


watched 2 videos on how to paint glass bottles, as the little halfling is covered in them. 




sorceror strange.jpg



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this was less than 2 hours,  im not quite happy with the spell effect and may repaint it. 

the fading to flames is also worn by several of my gnomes painted for bones 1.  although the colors have changed 

also like bones 1 there are some issues with the sculpted nose. 





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Today's painting - mostly.  I actually went a lot further on the Trenchcoat -guy.     (ill add another picture.) 

I don't want a comic book hero, so he will have normal human flesh and a steel gauntlet.

I painted the blade on halfling girl, but looking at the picture tells me more blending!

nothing finished today, but I have finished 8. With these 3, I still have a primed brazier of hot coals.  I decided today that im going to fill in the gaps of the iron bands with smooth putty, and paint it as an iron-banded crushed ice treat for dragons. 





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Here are a few more: assuming walls count : 


This is Twitter the orc or 1/2orc cleric.  I should probably redo the unidentifiable mettle thing in his hand and replace it with my a sculpted twitter logo

seriously the thing on his helmet looks like the bird already right? 


The walls were for a Frost Giants base, but they didn't work.  so now they are just scatter terrain.   



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The first is the Countess.   She made an appearance in my Kids D&D game.  As the hostess of a party, she escaped being eaten by univited raptors. 


The second was inspired by an artist who showed up on facebook - posting an image of a fleshy KD miniature with the comment

"A little of the old blue to pink colorshift." 

The Old? 

I dont ever remember seeing a blue->pink colorshift on skin.  but apparently it was this guys thing.  I thought I would try it on a troll

what's the worst that could happen?  I get an ugly troll.  It is actually working on the leg,   I will try and get the rest of him there as well. Perhaps ill ad some rosy skin triad to his scaly wart things. 





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