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Evilhalflings Minivember

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More progress.  this Wraiths Scythe would not straighten.  So he gets an Axe.  Hmm he looks more presentable in person but is still clearly tabletop level. 

The Arch is for my Frost Giant Vinette - but terrain counts. 

the ice sickles are something new for me- thin pinty plastic slivers cut from the blister pack, and elmers glue.  (2 layers so far) also trying some clear gloss, but not sure it is making a difference.


What have you found to work best as ice sickles? 




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I use vallejo water effects, the one in the pot.

Take a skewer and let the thick white gel drip and stick it where you want it to be.

Then harden it.

I used it on this piece:





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well I hit my goal, the last 2 got showoff threads.  Finally finished the halfling from the first post and 

Diid a frog in a single day. I'm quite happy with both.

- okay her sword is bugging me.. may fix tomorrow. 

Still adding ice sickles and snow to my arch. 

I can get it finished and submit it for the yearly large figure contest. 


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Arch with ice sickles - #22

This arch is going onto a Frost giant base, technically making it a diorama. Doesn't tell much of a story though.  

"giant guards arch" 

I  likely won't paint tomorrow.   So this is it for the Mini challenge.  I passed my goal of 20, and did more than last year. 

total success.  


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