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Animal Companion Miniatures by Critit.co.uk Series 2


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You spoke and we listened ...

Thank you for checking out our project. After our first successful project we are back with the same great detailed miniatures but in the 28mm scale many of you wanted.

Made from injection moulded PVC we were incredibly happy with the quality of our previous models, the factory we worked with were very efficient allowing us to start to fulfil our Kickstarter a full two months early.

We worked hard to have our sculpts in place meaning as soon as we are successful we can spring into action and instruct the factory to start the process. 

4f39bd30d1c4a2af324f90f888178db8_origina Core Box Alpha containing 2 large Animals (2inch base) and 6 medium Animals (1inch base) 28mm scale Models
11eb44e641e3d9cb331b9107093a381e_origina Hero Forge Models next to our Animal Miniatures
23f723b142229208135944b003305e1f_origina Core Box Beta containing 2 large Animals (2inch base) and 6 medium Animals (1inch base) 28mm scale Models
c16e556c23643c8c5985cae92fa66279_origina Hero Forge Models next to our Animal Miniatures
7b9f6578900abe4ec8e538d05dc9d685_origina Pledge for both to make a saving. Both Core Boxes containing 4 large Animals (2inch base) and 12 medium Animals (1inch base) 28mm scale Models

Containing various animals and companions these 2 core sets are everything you loved in the first but with a 28mm scale. 

cafe82b675c40668a65728e0cb441960_origina At a staggering 7" tall and 10" long the mighty Tarrasaque attacks... Think yourself lucky, he was originally intended to be 14" in height!
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On 11/1/2019 at 9:54 PM, OddMoominOut said:

@Disciple of Sakura hum... I think the "all unlocked bits..." refers to the 2 clanky-ish things and the kitten, unless I misreaded something...

Yeah, reviewed it again, and I think you're right. Looks like some of the things there have add on prices. That makes much more sense, and seems less like an over-promise. Shame I just broke the bank on Bones 5...

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26 minutes ago, TripleH said:

Had this saved for later and checking on it I noticed that it is now cancelled. Can anyone shed any light on this???

There's a post from a few days ago that says campaign on hold, but unfortunately it's backers only... 

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