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Let's make ... Death on the Road (With bag and baggage - Painting challenge entry)

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My last painting challenge entry for this year. Topic is "With Bag and Baggage".


The German translation for that has a couple of meanings, also explaining that someone is leaving everything behind.


For me that means freedom - on the road again. And road is a wonderful idea. Freedom on the road for me is ... ZZ Top ... Easy Rider ... Harley Davidson ... careless driver ... accident ... death.


Which will be my topic.


Of course our round-world is not so perfect to combine bag and baggage and death.


Another world is far more suited for that. It rests on the shoulders of four elephants, which stand on a gigantic turtle that gently glides through space.


On that particular world, someone invented the so called "high-errr-ways" and the first of those speed roads - leading from Ankh-Morpork to Überwald is being commissioned via a race.


Of course, one individual is going to take part in that particular race: Death. Not only will he take part to help unlucky drivers (at least as long as it is within his responsibilities), but he also is determined to take a once-in-a-lifetime-chance. We know what that is supposed to mean: Death Metal (or, to get that joke a bit farther: Reaper Bones).


Figures are Death on a motorcycle and Susan Sto Helit made by microart studios.


For this particular challenge, I've got only 15 days. By the midth of November I'll leave for Tokyo and I need to be done beforehand.











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3 hours ago, PingosHusband said:

There was an animated series (six parts I think) made from the book Soul Music.  It can be found on YouTube.  They do a very good job of showing Death Riding his motorcycle. 


It's a seven-part series (Wyrd Sisters was the six-part series). A very nice series indeed - and for me better understandable than Wyrd Sisters, which I could only watch with subtitles on.


I especially loved the job Sir Christopher Lee did on Death's voice.


2 hours ago, buglips*the*goblin said:

Those are very nice figures, now that I can see them clearly and not on the webcam.  Hope you get them done by the deadline, and I bet they'll look great!


Yeah. I also hope I get done in time. Death is a lot of joy to paint. Susan though ... phew. She's another talk.


2 hours ago, malefactus said:

DISC WORLD MINIS...HOORAY! Nice choice of minis. No matter where you go with them, I hope you enjoy the trip!


Well, Susan costs me a lot of work, unfortunately. I don't know if I will be able to get her done in time. I start to mess up her face again, and that bothers me. Death is a lot more fun to paint, though.

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And back to the discworld:


After I encountered some problems painting Susan ...



(Yay! My old nemesis skin has arisen again)


... I decided to go on with Death instead. I can't fix stuff I need to think about in such a short period of time. I need to spend some more time on her during the weekend. Anyway - after some time, most base colors were applied and Death looked pretty good.






Of course, that prompted him to fall apart. His base fell apart as well. And I had just pinned all parts.




Dude ... uncool.




That means: If you can breach the front door - maybe you just sneak in through the backdoor.




After I looked for a fitting base on the Internet I decided to do it myself. An old MDF base and some putty were absolutely up for the task.




After some time, all the parts were coming together ...




... so that I could scratch the stone texture into the base:




Then everything I had to do was letting everything dry, sand down all the sharp edges to make tiles look more like copplestone - et voilà




The first few layers of color are now drying. I think, tomorrow is a good day for airbrushing.




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