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Maledrakh's B4core #5 Barbarian (pinhead)

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Thrud The Barbarian would approve. I find the little head on the massively muscled body appealing & somehow appropriate. The brushwork & the base are BEAUTIFULLY WELL DONE!

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    • By Kangaroorex
      Just thought i would put these up to show off the new party making their way through saltmarsh.  A party of six graduates from the civilized lands, roped into fulfilling a debt by their mentors.  At least they are working together...  they arent my finest work but for 6 hours of painting, they will do nicely for our little gaming group and the group enjoyed the surprise of coming to their second session to discover they all had custom painted minis!
      we have a Halfling fighter
      an elven thief with a fixation for daggers
      a halfling bard
      the blue dragonborn priest of Protos
      the black Dragonborn warlock (had to create the head.  I couldnt find a dragonborn mini with an 8 strength...)
      and a Human ranger from the backstreets and slums
      hope you enjoy them, i dont know how long they will last....


    • By Lostraven
      Here is the Bones 4 version of the metal figure that sold as a single figure (referenced in tags). It was a challenge to work in the 5 main colours.

    • By Lostraven
      Here is the Bones 4 version of the metal figure that is sold as a single figure (referenced in tags). For my townsfolk set, I challenged myself by using the same base palette of 5 colours - ochre brown, German Field Grey, Burnt Red, German Med Brown, and German Cam Beige for each figure. Each figure will have elements of these colours.

    • By Lostraven
      Here is the Bones 4 version of the metal figure that is found in another townsfolk blister (referenced in tags). I continued to play with texture and also challenged my self to push the contrast.

    • By Lostraven
      This is the Bones 4 version of the metal one that is found in a 3-pack of townsfolk figures. I took the opportunity to do some experimentation with rendering texture.

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