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My Zbrush sculpted models

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That looks like a blast to paint! Please let me know if you ever get that into a store, or make the STL available (as if I don't have enough to paint already).


I am NOT a sculptor. But one small crit that came immediately to mind was the dimples in the leather chair. Their location seems randomly placed. Now, I think random is obviously good, but that they're currently too random. For example, second render picture, on the inside chair wing/arm/head-level it has two wrinkles that seem to have been put in for texture. I think if the wrinkles had been put where the chair either bends because of the shape or because of age/use, it would have looked better. So for those two on the arm, I would have placed them at the curved front part and radially aligned with the center.


And maybe those two are correctly aligned, now that I look at it again. Maybe it just needed more of those.


Mind you, the wrinkles wouldn't stop me from painting it.

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On 11/3/2019 at 2:35 PM, rintintin said:

Thought I would create my own topic so I can share the models I create. Crits and comments welcome.
This is my latest mini. Created just for fun. I think it should be called " The summoning" though I am open to ideas :)




Got a few pictures of the 3d print of this guy. Not the best photos but you get the idea.






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You for a good job on this piece! Your level of exaggeration in the figure itself is well done, the composition is solid, and the narrative is easily readable. There are some minor issues (like the texture of the chair that others have mentioned), the edge studs seem to disappear as they get towards the top in the print, maybe enlarging them a bit to compensate would be a good idea. The monster itself is working overall, good design and silhouette, but IMO it could use a bit more texture in the main eye/body area (personal taste). 

Great piece, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for all the kind words

A couple of busts I am working on for fun. Sir Davos and Cercie. As you can see I kind of got bored with the hair but I like to think I captured just a little of the likenesses. They are both in a fairly neutral facial expression so I could change it to different ones at a later date.



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