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03381 Satheras, Elf Warlock

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Here is the full set with three prior.  I started with the demon on the left, using a ghast model I painted it as a barlgura and then added the zombies as a speed painting study.


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22 hours ago, Iridil said:

Nice gem and I like that you go for the contrast - really works and is something I'm still working on

Thanks, considering the gem is the highest point on this figure I wanted to make it pop.  This was my first attempt at edge highlighting and felt the cloak ripples were a great opportunity to practice it.  For a medium shade I mixed a blue metallic to give it an iridescent look on the waves that were more subtle.

On 11/4/2019 at 8:33 PM, Darcstaar said:

Nice highlights and great gem.

Thanks.  I was tempted to try OSL with the gem as a source but decided to stick with one new technique for this mini.

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