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This is the first project in my 150 miniatures in 75 weeks challenge. I am starting off with the miniatures in a new game by Restoration Games called "Unmatched." It is a light card driven skirmish/arena type game. It is a reworking of the old game Star Wars: Epic Duels, if you are familiar. These will be painted primarily with reaper paints, so I think this is still "legal" to post.


I am starting off with the four miniatures that come in the base box, Alice (in wonderland), Medusa, King Arthur, and Sinbad.10169.thumb.jpeg.5090e5d87c23a839002850007dcb070d.jpeg


The models are very nice for board game minis. They came pre-washed. I gave them a soak in simple green to try to get some of the wash off, but it didn't really come off. It doesn't seem to have obscured detail, so I am just proceeding.


Often, when I paint board game miniatures, the bases are an afterthought. For these, I have decided to give the bases more attention.


For Sinbad, I am going to have him on a beach, with the ocean water receding under his feet. For that I made up some texture paste by mixing some pva glue, baking soda, and water (sorry, don't know the proportions). This paste, when dried, does a good job of approximating fine sand. I tapered the paste on his base because the water is going to be behind him.



After it was dry, I mixed up another batch and added a more roughed up section at the front. This is the sand that hasn't gotten wet yet.



For Alice, she is going to be in a garden/lawn setting with flowers. I wanted the texture paste to be a bit more coarse, so I added in some corn meal into the baking soda mix, then as it dried, I used a brush to make the ground a bit uneven.



I did the same thing for King Arthur, but then I had a change of heart. I didn't want his base to be the same as Alice's, so after it had dried some, I took a dental tool and scratched in some lines so that it looked like he was on stone. I'm not sure how this will turn out and if the texture will read much as stone after primed. If not, I can do some things to fix it. One thing I worried about was whether it looked like his feet were sinking into the stone, so I tried to subtly taper the stone around his feet. If it doesn't read right at the end, I'll add some rubble around his feet.



For Medusa, I wanted the ground to be rougher as she is going to be among the rubble of her victims. So, I sprinkled on some corn meal over the top. I'll be adding more rubble and stuff later on. There isn't much room on her base, but I want to have pieces of a stone victim somewhere. I might grab a bones miniature and cut pieces off of it (head, bits of torso, arm) and see what I can fit.



Here they with the bases dried. I am content with the results (sorry for the washed out image).



Next up, priming!

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I made a little bit of progress. Just did some work on Alice an d Sinbad.


It is weird, on the box cover, Alice is wearing the iconic white apron, but on the miniature she is not.


Still not sure what color to do for Sinbad's pants. In the game, there is not an actual image of Sinbad's full body anywhere, so I can't just copy anything. Most of the card art is very abstract in nature (it is super cool, though. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out). The graphic design of the Sinbad's cards has an orange motif, though, so maybe I will go with that for consistency.

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Made more progress on the above figures, but don't have any pictures to show.


Here are a few showing my progress on Arthur's cape. Started with some underpainting with blue liner, moonstone, and white.



Then I did some glazes of red



Need to punch it up some highlights. Not liking how some of the shadows are laying either, so still a bit of monkeying around that needs to be done here.


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Okay, getting very close with these three.






Originally, I wanted to try my hand at doing non metallic metal. I have never done it, but I felt ready to give it a go. I am chickening out now, though. If it was just Sinbad with his swords, I think I would have done it. King Arthur, with his chainmail and helmet with a bunch of little bumps, feels like it might be tricky for a beginner at the technique. Also Alice's sword is such a focal point of that model, I would feel like I would need to do more than a basic job on it, so that would probably add many hours to this project that is already way behind schedule, because I know I would be going back and forth until it was just right. So we will just go with metallics.



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