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Keep on the Borderlands

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19 hours ago, vulture said:

Nice. After you mentioned it during the KS I dug my copy out - and now you are bringing it to life!


I trust it will be fully populated by the appropriate denizens? 

Of course! Thats one of the main reasons I was pushing for Anhurians in the last couple campaigns... ::D:


Starting to layout walls and towers.

Waiting on a couple more foam cutting tools that should arrive in the next few days.



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I’m all about that base, that base, those basements...



Obviously there is still clean up and painting to be done, and the internal walls with doorways aren’t attached yet because I still need to make the doors, but...progress!



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the first time I played through that module I didn't understand that it was supposed to be a place of safety and civilization.  Me and 2 friends slaughtered our way through the keep, looting every room.  It simply didn't occur to me not to. 


The building looks great so far,  but it seems like it's going to head in the same direction. Otherwise, why have such a detailed scene? 

I guess it could be a keep owned by monsters. 



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LOL! No, it’s not intended to be wiped out by the players. I’ve just wanted to recreate the Keep and the caves for close to 40 years. I’m finally in a position to do it, and if I’m going to do it I want to do it as accurately as possible.


I'm planning on doing the caves afterward.

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