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Bones V Faun/Satyr

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So here's where I reached the end of the rendering process:



Then Ron and I went over it for casting issues and any other production problems and I made some tweaks. Here's the more "final" figure. The old adage that art is never finished still holds true in the miniatures industry. This is "finished" but may need to be reworked any number of times throughout the production process to ensure that the best product is made in the most efficient way possible. 


Now that we have our Satyr hero finished up, we should give him a heroine! Stay tuned for WIPs of the Faun tomorrow!

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Okay, let's talk about miss Faun. If you'll remember here was Izzy's original concept art for her:



Things I really liked: She's stern and capable. She's clearly fought her fair share of battles and isn't afraid to jump into the fight but also looks discerning. Her armor, hair, and jewelry choices show she has a decent amount of femininity.  The posing and weapon choice (narwhal spear) sure speaks to her capabilities in combat. She has a lean and agile body type and a very different horn style than the satyr. 

With all that in mind I start posing my mannequin and blocking in the major shapes just like we did before.


I'm sorry I didn't take a lot of process pics on this one. I just kept feeling like it needed more and then more fidgeting and then more pieces and before I knew it we were here. It's basically the same process as before so bear with me and I'll try to do better about stopping points going forward. 

Then I started on the face. I already knew we were going with the more pulled out nose bridge and wider set eyes. I used a head that Ron particularly liked from another sculpt as a starting point and modified it to suit this character specifically. I don't reuse heads very often on separate projects. Honestly with the time I put into modifying the one I had I probably could've started from scratch but either way I liked the end result. 


I used a new process for making horns this time and I really like how it came out. Here's the link to the Youtube video I followed for creating them (https://youtu.be/DN-FvCET_WM) and obviously I designed my own shape and style to match the concept art. I am really glad to have learned this about the curve arc functionality because it has SO many more applications than just horns. I actually used the same tool for forming the hair flow just to experiment and it worked really well. 

So, that's where I'm at. Gonna try and get this girl finished up soon. 

P.S. Her legs are currently too thin so those will definitely get bulked up tomorrow but better to have a place to build from than try to remove material IMO.

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