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TTCombat Halfling Adventurers


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Hello :)

First time posting some of my painted stuff here, but I'd like some feedback. These two are the halfling sorceress and pirate adventurers from TTCombat's Halflings and Fantasy Friends kickstarter.

They're my first resin models, and while fragile, they do have amazing detail. They're painted with vallejo paints, I recently got the vallejo nocturna red and skintone sets. They come with very nice guides as well.

The sorceress is meant to be holding some sort of floating light source in her hand, so I tried to shade her with that in mind.



The pirate has a teeny monkey peeking out behind her feet :D so cute






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Thank you :)

I do plan on doing so, yes. Just haven't decided how yet. For the pirate I was thinking just a simple wooden floor, perhaps with a coiled rope. The sorceress though... no clue.

For now I'm just going to leave them as is, paint a few more of these guys (monk, warlock and rogue are next) and then probably base them all at once.

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