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Im Jealous.  Those are really nice and the time is so much faster than what I have been able to produce.  I have been trying to paint faster but it never looks right.


Really nice job on these, and you did a great job giving them an active base and some depth where the base and mini is rather flat. 

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    • By Maledrakh
      For Minivember I will try to do a different model each day (duplicates or similar models (from the same unit or suchlike still only count as one!).

      If you want to see the rest of my minivember minis, feel free to have a look at my painting blog..I won't be posting each and every one here, just the Reaper minis and maybe some that I find especially interesting. Yes, they will be speedpaints, just like all my minis. Seeing as I am starting out a week late, I have some catching up to do...



      Since I do not particularily like 80s power ballads, there will not be any The Scorpions youtube videos here...



      Mama Scorpy with two of her newly hatched babies








      Speedpainted on a black basecoat in blues, browns and reds.


      ...Now I want to play Fallout 4.



      77337 Giant Scorpion 


      77125 Vermin: Scorpions



      Reaper Bones KS2 and KS1 respectively

      Bonesium PVC

      60mm and 30mm bases


      These count as 1 for Minivember.

    • By Froggy the Great
      I imagine these will come in handy some inopportune moment.

    • By terminalmancer
      Painted these guys up a little earlier this month. Since they're for Pathfinder (etc) and they're most often encountered in caves, I went looking for some photos of cave scorpions. I found an example cave scorpion here, which is apparently Arizonan in origin. (Looks pretty nasty. Be careful if you're caving in Arizona, I guess!) Spent about 45 minutes on the pair, so... tabletop quality I guess. My lining was not the best thing ever here and I would certainly benefit from a steadier hand and/or practice!

    • By DocPiske
      So, more Bones painted:
      Thundercats, ho!

      Too easy to make a joke...

      More terracotta than Georgia clay, but anyway:

      Born on Monday...


      Technically not all Bones:



      Technically not Fire Beetles:



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