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WIP color help wanted

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I'm on an eye break/coming up for air from the painting pit and I am looking for opinions on what to do with her lower half. My very first instinct is to continue the gradations on her wings, but I'm wondering about doing the body in a totally different color like purple/fuschia/red/copper or red/orange/copper/light gold, or something else totally.....


I'm pretty sure it's going to be in the blended metallics I enjoy doing so much, but not dead set on it at all so let me know what'cha think.


everything but the wings is either base coat or primer, and they are not finished yet......


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Wow. I think blue/black to fuschia gradations would look wicked on her, but using the same pallette you used for the wings might be the most sensible choice.


I really like the metallics on her wings, Orchid. ::):

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