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So. I decided to try and make some ponds... Maybe with other water features.

I have 2 silicone mats and several hot glue guns. I used both and used a fondant roller to flatten things out.

I'm going to try a few things. This is about 1-1.5in x 2+in


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Next thing will be to see if I can cover that seam with medium. Then I'll use a light phtalo to color one side. I'll take a pic of that step.

I also have some cheap silicone straws I might try. See if I can get a nice cylinder, freeze the straw to force it out (if it won't come out in its own).

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So today I got this fake potted plant from the dollar store that gives me 9 big bunches and 2 little ones. I'll be making 6 trees and 5 jungle /underwater plants.

Cork is for size. I am aiming to do straw Experiments tonight and will use that for a trunk if successful.


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Learning some more stuff. Definitely hard to get more than 1 inch.

Good for stalactites and stalagmites I think. Apparently I didn't take a picture of the good bit.

I will have some very weird little trees I think.

Using 4 sticks of glue (2 fitted together & 2 guns ) doesnt create a bigger surface, and it's about all I could hope to actually roll flat before it hardens but it looks better. Next to try fitting stuff together.



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While stuff is drying, I might do a row with this unused baking sheet (I have permission). I envision a crystal or ice tomb, and smaller tombs, because they have more weight than plain foam core, and I can etch designs. Both of these will be 2020 posts.


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So I tried my first mold-the cavern tiles.

It'll take a bit of getting used to to not overfill the mold, but already I'm getting better. Took about 30 minutes and 8 glue sticks. It'll need a bit of cleanup.

First push in glue 20200101_133135.thumb.jpg.b749b9a8da5bcfe1bc763cd1290a319c.jpg

Then peel back to check and fill as needed20200101_133121.thumb.jpg.a8b1e0494d822d1476cb812fab19927c.jpg

Easy de-molding


Cleanup required



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