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Ma’al Drakar - Basing and Touchups


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Well, it’s taken me several months, and the aid of several other members of my D&D group but Ma’al Drakar (which for some absurd reason, I decided to tackle as my first large mini) is nearly complete.



There are still some touchups left to do, particularly on the stone and the wings, and the glorious Queen Tiamat is currently using an apple crate as a base, which must be resolved.C0942443-DC93-45FC-811E-956F7BB0BEBA.thumb.jpeg.21ccfa1895f93190b58d22ae305d8acc.jpeg


It’s the basing in particular I’d like your advice on. Since I intend to have the possibility of using this for D&D, I’m going with either an 11 or 12-inch round base. My initial thought is to do a volcanic base, but I’ve never done or even seen one done at anywhere near that scale. In order to combat the monotony of a massive circular plane of lava, I’m planning on building the rim of the volcano out around the edge of the base, to make it seem like Tiamat is rising out of it. Any thoughts before I get to work on this idea? I’ll use this thread to report my progress on it once I start.




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So, I’ve been inordinately busy these past few months, and haven’t had as much time to work on Ma’al as I would like. Still, I’ve made some progress; enough to feel confident beginning work on the basing. I’ve tracked down a 12-inch base, as you can see in the photos, and done some beginning OSL work on the bottom of the stones (more of a proof-of-concept than anything else; I’ll probably paint over it if I darken the rocks as planned).





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