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Ian Miller’s Grim Tarock (Tarot Deck) on kickstarter


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Below you will find a sample of two cards from each of the four Suits - Citadels, Chaos, Fish and Trees. Each Suit is comprised of 14 cards (2-10, Ace, Knave, Knight, Queen and King).


You can see more of Ian's work on his website, or you can follow him on Instagram:


[I've removed the website links to conform to the boards rules, if you want them visit the KS]

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More juicy stretch goals!

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James SherriffCreator
November 16, 2019

Thanks to all you wonderful backers making this campaign such a runaway success, we have had to scurry about planning some additional stretch goals for you. We feel it is only fair that, because you are obviously extremely awesome people, you get the opportunity to have even more cool stuff! 

So over the past couple of days, myself and Ian have been busy working out what stretch goals to add. Alternative cards are great, and we know you love them, but we thought maybe we could offer a little something else. Something like signed art prints, perhaps...? 

And so we present to you, our fantastic backers, two more stretch goals to tease, tantalise and maybe encourage you to share the Grim Tarock campaign even further! :) 




That's right, folks. This art print will be signed by Ian Miller and available as an add-on for a mere GBP10! If we hit this stretch goal you can have one of these prints by simply increasing your pledge by GBP10. When the backer questionnaire comes out after the campaign ends, you will be able to confirm this selection with us.




Who here recognises this old chap with his rather spiffing robes? If we reach this stretch goal, all backers at the £15 GRIM TAROCK and £30 GRIM COLLECTOR pledge levels will receive yet another bonus card - this time The Magician. That will take your decks to 78 + 4 cards. So 82 cards in total!


Thanks for joining us on this journey and for being such incredible backers. Until the next update!


James (Ian says hello from the foggy cupboard btw)


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Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe during these times.

This is just a very quick update to share the link to the official Cartamundi COVID-19 response (this is actually dated from a few days ago). You can read their company-wide update here

In other, Ian Miller-related news, there is a very big project underway - one that Ian and myself have been collaborating on for the past couple of years. We will be making an announcement fairly soon, but in the meantime all I can say is that it is a board game and that it is set in a fantasy world born from his wonderfully grim, deliciously dark artwork.

As a teaser, here is a piece of concept art from the project.


I hope to have some news from my print manager at Cartamundi soon, and when I do I will be sharing that news here. 

In the meantime, stay safe people!

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Printing is complete - the Grim Tarock is (finally) on its way!

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James SherriffCreator
July 9, 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and well.

Good news (finally)! I received an email from Cartamundi to say that printing is finished and a thousand Grim Tarock decks are ready to be shipped from Belgium to me, here in the UK! I am so happy and excited to receive these. As soon as I do, I will be posting plenty of pictures!

Once I receive them (hopefully within the next week or so), I will begin the arduous task of packaging, labelling and shipping. There are more than 900 of you wonderful backers and there is only one of me, so please bear with me as I will need to ship these in waves. :) 

On the subject of shipping, some of you may be aware that last year, the UPU (Universal Postal Union) agreed to allow the US to set terminal dues/prices themselves from 1st July. This met the US administration’s objective to increase how much they charge other countries for delivery. It will see a significant increase of over 100% in the rates Royal Mail pay for last mile delivery in the US from 1st July. Sad times for small businesses in the UK sending packages to customers in the US. You can read more about it here: [Edit, removed link to commercial website, please view the update on KS to read about this if you want to]

What this means is, essentially my costs for shipping to the USA have gone up massively. I am now having to pay close to GBP3000 extra in shipping to the USA. Fortunately, I kept some money from the Kickstarter as a contingency against something like this, although I still have a shortfall which I need to make up.

However, I will not be passing any of these costs onto our American backers. It may mean that some backers in the US may have to wait a little longer for their pledge, since I need to source the extra funds from somewhere. I will reiterate, I won't pass these costs onto any backers. It is not your fault that the shipping costs have risen so astronomically. I just had no idea until very recently that this would be happening. 

So, please everyone rest assured that you will be getting your pledges soon and I will be swallowing all the extra costs. You have all been incredibly patient and understanding over the past few months, and I want you all to know that both Ian and myself really appreciate it! If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message anytime. :) 

[edit: info about a new KS project removed to it's own thread]


(quite a few of us have now commented that we'd be happy to kick in a bit to help out with shipping to the USA from the comments, it's good to be part of a project with a stand up creator and nice backers)

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Hello my wonderful backers!

Great news - the Grim Tarock has finally arrived in all its glory! More than 350kg spread across 27 boxes. Thank you once again for being so patient. :) 

de94dc37c111aa2db683b124036f61cc_origina Look at all those boxes!

I've started sorting through all the boxes doing some quality checks, and so far they all look absolutely amazing! Once I have done these checks I will start packing the first batch. As per my previous update, I will be shipping these in order of backer number, as I feel this to be the fairest way to go about it. 

660de789145d939d28c2dbd3d0575839_origina Very excited to be opening these boxes!

A note to the Grim Collector backers

For those of you lucky enough to get hold of one of the limited Grim Collector pledges, I am heading down to see Ian later this week with your decks so that he can begin adding some delightful squiggles to the boxes for you. I'm pretty excited myself to see what lovely sketches he produces for you!

Once he has done these, I will drive back down to collect them for packing and shipping to you. So please bear with us whilst we do this. I will of course update you as to how Ian is getting on with them. 


I am sure everyone is very excited at the prospect of finally getting these through the post! I will be packaging these in manageable batches of 30-50 in order to take them to my local post office and not overwhelm the postal clerk at the counter! Plus, I can only carry so many (each deck weighs around 300g, not to mention those of you who also pledged for the 400g art book). Naturally, I will keep you all updated as to shipping progress! :) 

We are really close, folks. Thank you once again for being such incredible backers - your words of support, patience and understanding have truly been appreciated, by myself and by Ian. I cannot thank you enough for making this project a reality!

Until the next update...

Stay safe!



Soon my pretties, you will be mine!

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