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WarGods Amazons for Cancon 2020 (Jan 26)

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So I'm going to see if putting together a diary helps me with motivation in getting this army completed in time for a tournament in January 2020.


First of all, the idea - in Canberra, Australia we have a convention (Cancon) every January, it's been going for something like 30+ years, and for about the last decade we've had a WarGods tournament running.


After a Kickstarter I have an Amazon warband sitting in bare metal so I decided that for 2020 I'll take that Warband. First of all I have to work out the army list, then prepare the models for painting.


So, onto the army list:

Amazon Demigod of Hecate, Ka 2, second Ka power Skin of Marble


Still have to work out what to equip her with, but with the Ka power she can't take armour...


13 Hellhounds - using Reaper's WarPugs - 12 War Pugs based in pairs with a Reaper Foo Dog as the leader


5 x Outriders - Horse Archers

5 x Outriders - Horse Archers

12 x Peltasts

Mother of Serpents (effectively a Minoan snake priestess)

That takes me to about 905 from a maximum of 1750 points, so I'll need to work out what to use the remaining points for, I do need to take some basic warriors, which will set me back 25pts/model (so I can potentially take 30 of them), and I may take some Raiders instead of outriders (they are spear-armed cavalry)


Anyway, I'll try and get some photos of the basic models tomorrow and go from there...



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So some photos of what I have to work with - First photo has the Demigod, some spear women, peltasts and my Hell Pugs




And this is the box containing the remaining figures, specifically morespearwomen, some swordswomen and the cavalry


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6 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

That's an impressive army!


Not yet...Maybe when it's painted!


Running the numbers, for my Amazons I should have

1 x Demigod

1 x Mounted Demigod

2 x Honor Guard

36 x Spearwomen

12 x Peltasts

12 x Archers

2 x Hero/Champion

10 x Swordswomen

10 x Raiders (spear cavalry)

10 x Outriders (horse archers)

1 x Herald

1 x Musician


That's the specifically Amazon figures, on top of that I also have demigods for Hecate, Athena and Artemis that I can use (that is demigods specific to those goddesses, the one above is supposed to represent Queen Penthesilea)

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add more details
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5 minutes ago, ratsmitglied said:

And on doing a test fit I wasn't happy with the result, so she's now been re-cut and I need to do another test print.


*** Whistles innocently***


Somebody might need one...

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9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


*** Whistles innocently***


Somebody might need one...

There may be a few in that position....



Being serious though I do need to have one for Wednesday...

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I have some progress - models are now attached to their bases (assembled if need be) and undercoated (except the HellPugs)


Painting is intended to happen tonight, I may get some photos...

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Well, I did get some painting done tonight, but no photos (maybe tomorrow when the light is better).


Warband ends up being:


13 x Hellhounds

10 x Outriders (horse archers)

24 x Spearwomen (2 units)

12 x Peltasts

2 x Heroes

1 x Manhunter (Specialist hero)

1 x Mother of Serpents


So far I've managed to get the cloth on the Spearwomen (GW contrast Iyanden Yellow), Peltasts (GW contrast Militarium Green), Outriders (GW contrast blue) and the Heroes (Army Painter Red Tone over Reaper Fresh Blood) done, as well as get some grey liner on the Hellhounds so I can paint


Plan at the moment is as follows:

Skin: Reaper Flesh Wash over Reaper HD Caucasian Flesh (Reaper Fair Maiden for the Mother of Serpents and Demigod)

Armour: Something using a Gold base, exact details to be determined

Spear Blades/Swords: Black Wash over Reaper Tarnished Steel

Horses: Reaper Ruddy Brown with a wash of some description over it, TBD

Wood: Reaper Ruddy Brown

Leather, shields and hair: TBD



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Apart from basing, the Hellhounds are complete, colours are Grey Liner, Drybrush Ruddy Brown (HD), Drybrush Fresh blood

Tongues are  Fair Maiden (HD) with Army Painter Red Tone ink

Teeth on the Foo Dog (leader) are GW Contrast Aggaros Dunes over Fair Maiden

Eyes are Fresh Blood



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