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2 hours ago, JabberwockP said:

You could look at the upcoming game Oceans from North Star Games for some inspiration. Pretty amazing artwork in there. You can look up their recent kickstarter for more images as well.


Thank you!

I will take a look.


I have a few aquatic minis from Reaper, BONES V will bring me more ( A lot!) and I backed Antimatter Games now for a Ninegill Shark and a Kronosaurus ( also a Spinosaurus but that one belongs in the Lost World).

More to come.


I always look at pictures of real animals, painted examples from others and fantasy artwork for inspiration.


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So, as you all can see I decided to go for the Great White look.



I'm not sure about the position on the base.

I have two options, which do you like best?


  1. Emerging from the water, tail is a bit in/over the waterline, so the waterpart is on the back of the base.
  2. Walking towards the water, giving more options to show off some shoreline/sealife.

Which one do you prefer?




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19 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

I'd go for heading towards the water, maybe hang something from his right hand to show what he's gathered/hunted whilst out of the water?


Also, looking great by the way!


Thank you!

 It was my first idea as well, but then I put him on the base the other way and started to doubt.

I'm more thinking he is going to hunt / fight something in the water.

I will have to give this some thought.



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20 hours ago, Rigel said:

Sixgills are CREEPY-looking creatures! I look forward to how you'll paint this one up!


It will have to wait for a while, my idea is something greenish/brownish based on this girl:




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    • By Inarah
      These guys were fun. I did two of them over the summer, experimenting with color blending.  The first was a take on the Chesapeake blue crab, and I might have gotten a little carried away with the bright color, 


      The second one I did in a more subdued sea crab coloration: 

    • By Glitterwolf
      I always wanted to paint a Cronosaurus so when Antimatter Games offered on through a Kickstarter I took it.
      In hindsight I regret getting the FDM printed version, I should have gone for the resin one since you can clearly see the printlines on this one.
      On the other hand it was a good deal and it helped me to choose what kind of printer I wanted.
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      So I had this mini for some time, it was damaged, missing an arm and a hand. I repaired it using some bits and repainted it. Here's the WIP topic. I like how everything turned out, thanks for looking! 
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      So a while ago I bought 10 of these prepainted wizkids merfolk minis off ebay for cheap. The paintjob on them is horrible but I like the sculpts quite a lot and my dnd group used them all the time during our underwater adventure campaign and was quite happy with th. One of them was missing an arm and I just put her in "to do" box and didn't use her in my games. After some time I chopped of her hand for another project and in the end I was left with an armless and handles mermaid.

      Since my bits box has grown quite substantially during the last year I decided to pick something out for her in the arms and hands department and also repaint her. 
      I will post updates on the process here and in the end make a new topic in the show off section. I'm open to comments, criticism and sugestions and I hope you like this proces!
      Thank you for looking! 
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      This is 3D file from Gloomykid.
      It is called a Naga and comes in two versions one is a snake version ( the Naga) the other has fins and I decided to go for that one.
      Part of my Beneath the Waves Project you can find here:
      Ready to defend his realm against those pesky fishermen.
      EDIT: forgot to mention, the Base is a 3D print from the Artisan Guild _ DeathTide Jurakin Set.
      The larger cluster of barnacles I sculpted with procreate.

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