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77054 Galladon, Male Wizard

Doug Sundseth

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The greens this time were almost entirely from the Scale 75 Orcs and Goblins set. The more I work with their paint, the more I like it, but I don't think I would use it at all without a vortex mixer. It separates quickly and takes a lot of shaking to get it back to the right consistency. When you do that, it's brilliant, though.


The magenta/pink/fuchsia base color was Quinacridone Magenta (Golden Fluid Acrylics) in some places and RMS Clear Magenta in others. (The Golden is gloss, which is a bit annoying to work with, though highly saturated, but the RMS paint is the same pigment and essentially a direct replacement in matte.)


This guy was the one that I had intended to paint in red and purple when I mistakenly picked up and started base coating Darkrasp. Now I'm kind of happy I made that mistake, since I think both figures are better with these schemes than with what I had intended.


Thank you all for the kind comments.

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