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Doug Sundseth

77054 Galladon, Male Wizard

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57 minutes ago, Maledrakh said:

it was all the Lisa Franks talk during the last days of the B5 KS wasn't it?


Lisa Franks? Is that a brand of sausages? :huh:



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Sometimes the best color schemes do themselves - this really works (green, fuschia) and is unexpected! Its a great contrast to the grey beard - well done!

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The greens this time were almost entirely from the Scale 75 Orcs and Goblins set. The more I work with their paint, the more I like it, but I don't think I would use it at all without a vortex mixer. It separates quickly and takes a lot of shaking to get it back to the right consistency. When you do that, it's brilliant, though.


The magenta/pink/fuchsia base color was Quinacridone Magenta (Golden Fluid Acrylics) in some places and RMS Clear Magenta in others. (The Golden is gloss, which is a bit annoying to work with, though highly saturated, but the RMS paint is the same pigment and essentially a direct replacement in matte.)


This guy was the one that I had intended to paint in red and purple when I mistakenly picked up and started base coating Darkrasp. Now I'm kind of happy I made that mistake, since I think both figures are better with these schemes than with what I had intended.


Thank you all for the kind comments.

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      My exchange partner this time around was @Corporea.  She was one of those troublesome ones that are fine with anything.  This of course means that I am free to do anything, so what I did was use her as an excuse to test out airbrushing my Vallejo Air Metallics.  Because of that this mini is a little more metallic than I might have otherwise done.  The aluminum didn't want to airbrush, or hand brush for that matter, so I may have a bad bottle.  Other than that they all worked as expected. I.e. you can create a TMM effect by combining these paints with a regular paint for the shadows.
      I also tried my hand at a mosaic tile base.  The area I started with isn't as good as the rest of the base, but seeing as I am already late I didn't go back and take even more time to repaint that area.  Overall I thought it turned out pretty well, though I don't believe I'll be doing it on cork again. While I thought the imperfections in the surface could work as missing tiles, in practice they just ended up being in inconvenient places.

      But unfortunately I had to stick a mini on it.


      Full frontal metal shiny.

      And rotating around for those that want to look.
      I also attempted to create the look of texture by applying leather colors in a series of parallel lines.  I kind of liked it but at the same time I'm not sure that it comes across as any particular type of texture.

      And that's it for my 2019 exchange.  Next year I might even try to be on time. 
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      Who knows, really. He may just be an old lunatic. Or maybe a sorcerer like no other... you decide. At your own risk. 


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