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Gnoll Warriors - Quality Study


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In a massive bag of random Bones minis I acquired, I found four of the same type of gnoll warrior. I've decided to take three of them and paint them different quality levels - a speedpaint, my average tabletop level, and the last one, the most detailed - to see the difference in the type of efforts I put into things.


They've all been cleaned and based. Different basing as well, with the last one being a gnoll on a grassy knoll. A knoll gnoll! >>



And the speedpainted one, I'm not priming or gap filling.  But the other two I am. I generally like to prime things no matter the material for three reasons -


- Habit/preference.

- To see the details better because the stark white makes it hard to see definition.

- And lastly, because it helps me see how I failed to clean off mold lines as well as I thought I did and take care of it appropriately.



Will get into the nitty gritty of it all tomorrow because tonight is D&D night!



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Okay! Spent part of this afternoon doing the quick one first. This is what you get from me in an hour.




Started off with blocking out base colors.



Then a variety of washes and dry brushing with a bit of detailing with all these colors included - 



And that's Pale Red Violet, Leather Brown and a mystery metallic (ooooold bottle and I don't remember what it is) with faded labels in the back.

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Started the second gnoll yesterday, giving him his basecoat colors. Many of them are similar, but for the fur/skin areas, I went with a much darker color to start.




Today, I started bringing out his colors. Usually start with faces and skin first. I slowly bring up colors, blending the ones shown below and mostly side brushing them on along the fur lines. When it comes to skin, this is how I usually do most, but not all, of my minis, with shadows first and successively brighter blends up to the highlights and details. There are also small touches of Brown Liner where I thought it necessary, currently around his mouth and snout, at the moment. It and/or Blue Liner will more than likely end up in other places as well to deepen shadows.





Also got his eyes in, which were painted first before any of the fur so I could goof it up and fix it without messing anything else up.




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It took about 4 hours for to finish up the second guy.




Here's how the first and second gnolls compare  -



Biggest differences are more contrasting highlights, more details, particularly around the face, to give him more of a hyena semblance, some rough NMM, and more colors to do it all.



And I've already started on the third. Biggest difference to the start of this one is that I'm wet blending the basecoat colors on the body and will be doing the same with the most of the rest of the parts. As can be seen just for the skin layers, I'm already using a more colors. It's additionally leading to a slight change in tone.





Thinking on this whole wet blending thing, I really like it a lot better than the layering up I did with the second one. Went faster and I got some really nice results out of it even though it's just the first coat of paint.

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Between last night and this morning, I finished the base colors for the third gnoll. All wet blended in. When compared to the second one I think it's about the same quality, just different in texture and tone. All in all, it's currently taken about the same time 4-5 hours. And now we'll move into detailing.






Following are the colors I've used for the various parts.


For the cloth -



For the armor and shield metal -



For the morningstar (left) and the leather straps (right) -


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Third gnoll, finished product! Decided after over 10 hours to stop fighting the good fight and call it done. Some of the finer details include spots and lines of fur, some hatchwork on the cloth around the legs. Decided his armor should be a rough and worn look instead of super shiny NMM since he's a beastman warrior who I figure doesn't use or maintain the best.





Compared to the second gnoll -




And all three together -


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    • By stormbreach
      Hi guys, back again after a long absence... again.  I took a very long time to paint something that was supposed to be a speed paint.  I was painting a Bones Finari and wasn't happy with the cast so I was just trying to get her done quick to get her off the shelf but then everything went wrong with the paint job and I stalled out for a long time.  I'm not posting her because I wasn't happy but I've finally moved on.  This is my Gnoll Warrior.  I kind of like him.  He is part of my new strategy to just paint and get used to the motions and not try to be perfect all the time.  Trying to be perfect puts more minis on shelves of shame instead of in display cabinets.  I thought his mane looked a lot like a mohawk so I decided that maybe he would dye it in the colours of his tribe or clan or war party or whatever.  I thought it was neat.  If I did it again I would maybe use more muted colours but this first time I was afraid maybe muted colours would fade out and go unnoticed.  I was happy with the eye and jaws on his right side but not his left (which is why there are no good pictures of his left side ).  But here he is, he's imperfect and I'm happy with him!  Comments are welcome as always!

    • By Crowley
      I'm a little (a lot) behind on my threads, and even more so on getting to work on May's figure of the month. It didn't help that I didn't order him until the middle/end of the month.
      I started last night... Prep was done in the usual way, first by washing in warm soapy water, then attaching him to the cork. I then cleaned up mold lines, though I missed a few. Mainly the one running across his knuckles on his left hand. Then I painted on a 5:2 brown liner & flow improver mix. As you can see below, I'm working on a few other minis too. The orc and werebat will get their own threads later. 

      Tonight was blocking in base colors, and working a bit on the skin. I'm sticking with the gnoll theme I did way back in the chainmail days with the gnolls all being demonic, to one extent or another. So they all get greyish fleshy faces, hands, and feet. I used Void blue for that, then mixed in cloudy grey to bring the color up. The fur was Nut Brown, with the ruff getting some Vallejo Red Leather. The cloth is Dragon Red, as are the lips. Everything that is going to be metal got a coat of Black. 

      And that's where I'll pick it up tomorrow!
      Thanks for looking. C&C welcome!
    • By EldritchEladrin
      Here are some gnasty gnolls for your enjoyment!

      Tried to do some work on groups with an army/matching uniform look...

      ... And some highlighting on raised areas (the gnoll's left knee).

      The lighting isn't super great in these pictures (sorry!) but I promise you all they DO have spooky red eyes, as per the usual evil hunters.

      Next post will likely be a return some bigger minis (I just can't quit my demon lords!). Until then, take care of yourselves!
    • By RouterMike
      This poor tribe of gnolls has been sitting on my desk half finished for well over a year. I decided I needed to clear them off, so I did enough to get them up to tabletop. I'm not happy with the coloration on the fur, but I still have more to learn there. Luckily I have a big pile of Bones to practice on.

    • By Gadgetman!
      So I took time out from messing up Sir Garrick, browsing comics and ebay, and finished up this one.
      Say hello to Ral the Indominable!
      Destroyer of Adventurers,
      Defiler of virgins...

      And in about 30 seconds, he'll be Ral the Flat when his sister catches him messing with her brand new armor, and punds him into the dirt...
      Now, for the nitty gritty.
      I started with Brown liner, of course.
      The base is 09432 Desert Sand
      His fur is 29854 Arctic Grey, mostly covered with 09142 Stained Ivory, and a few splashes of AP Monster Brown.
      Muzzle and tailtip is 09437 Dragon Black.
      The Shield is 09049 Ancient Bronze, with the 'blades' in 09060 Polished Bone, with the wood panels being 09162 Driftwood Brown.
      His teeth are 09144 Creamy Ivory, and the gums are 09403 Monster Maw.
      The mace is 09205 Blackened Steel, with a bit of 09134 Clotted Red on the spikes...
      His kilt is 09428 Saddle Brown, with a bit of Arctic Grey dry-brushed on for wear.
      The belts and straps are 09429 Rich Leather.
      I can't remember which colour I used on the mail, or his eyes.
      (I know it wasn't a reaper Red on his eyes, though)
      Besides the shoddy job I did on the flash and mold lines, I'm satisfied with how he came out.
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