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Cav jor questions


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Ok, a few questions about CAV design from the JOR.


1] How do I determine the power requirements for a weapon?  I don't see it listed in the pre-built weapons or the design your own.  Did I miss something?


2] Can we get a step by step example of CAV building?  Please?!  It is a bit confusing and tok me 4 hours before I gave up and came here to look for help.


3] Is tonnage only for "flavor" now?


4] When will we see the design rules and new CAV costs for Army Builder?

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Welcome to CAV Gobbo. Hope you enjoy the game.


1) Under each different type of weapon, there's a heading in bold for power. It will tell you how to calculate it and the thresholds and stuff.


2) Hehehe, I know what you mean... it does take a while (it's those degradation matrices :o)). I'll try and knock one up. I've only designed one CAV so far, but I have made notes. Gimme a couple of days.


3) Essentially yes. It's the weight class of the chassis which effects things, but it is nice to have a tonnage listed, just for fun (same as height). There are bounds for each of the chassis weight classes.


4) The new costs for everything is something that's being worked on. I think it is finished (or almost so). Chrome is the man with the plan on this.


As for the construction rules.... well I suppose someone has a plan for this as well but I'm not sure myself. I personally plan on leaving them in written form after the farse that programs like HeavyMetal Pro generated (games without a single stock/non-custom).


5) Yeah, that's basically the size of it. Indirect fire missile packs cannot be primary weapons, but other than that you chose when you make them. If you use an 'off the shelf' weapon then you'll need to note which is which but for custom weapons then knock yourself out.


Hope this helps.

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Here's the specific page numbers to what Frank's referring to:


1) Existing weapons - Pgs 154-158. they're listed in the 2nd to last column on the weapons' table.


Custom weapons - Pg 144 Missile Launcher Packs step 6

Flame Thrower System step 4

Pg 145, GC and RGC step 6

Hard target LBG and PBGs, step 4

Pg 146, GGC/LBG/PBG, step 3.


4) The AB files should be ready in about a week. They're going through the final testing stage.  You'll only be able to modify CAVs in AB though, not build them from scratch.  AB can't handle anything that complicated.


5) Pg 143, step B- Custom Built Weapon Systems.

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