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I think I got everything...


The Troll's Colors:


FolkArt Ultra Dye Purple Rain - Skin Shadow

Reaper Blood Red - Skin Base

Reaper Brilliant Red - Skin Highlight, Tongue & Veins

Reaper Entrail Pink - Warts

Reaper Violet Shadow - Hair Base

Reaper Malvernian Purple - Highlights 

Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil - Teeth 

Reaper Ogre Skin - Eyes


The Base:


Reaper Dragon Red - Log Lining

Reaper Griffon Tan - Log Worn Wood

Reaper Red Brick - Log Worm Holes

Reaper Rotting Wood - Ground Basecoat & Log Grunge

Reaper Dirty Gray - Rock Edging & Log Lichen

P3 Cryx Bane Base - Ground Shadow Wash

Reaper Coal Black - Ground Shadow Liner


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