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I don't think that troll was would be stopped by acid because I think he took some acid ::D: and you could probably hear him a mile away as Iron Butterfly plays wherever he goes. Very cool paint job! 

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I think I got everything...


The Troll's Colors:


FolkArt Ultra Dye Purple Rain - Skin Shadow

Reaper Blood Red - Skin Base

Reaper Brilliant Red - Skin Highlight, Tongue & Veins

Reaper Entrail Pink - Warts

Reaper Violet Shadow - Hair Base

Reaper Malvernian Purple - Highlights 

Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil - Teeth 

Reaper Ogre Skin - Eyes


The Base:


Reaper Dragon Red - Log Lining

Reaper Griffon Tan - Log Worn Wood

Reaper Red Brick - Log Worm Holes

Reaper Rotting Wood - Ground Basecoat & Log Grunge

Reaper Dirty Gray - Rock Edging & Log Lichen

P3 Cryx Bane Base - Ground Shadow Wash

Reaper Coal Black - Ground Shadow Liner


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    • By Joshinminn
      I'm pretty excited about finishing this guy. Stone giant (HT8c) from Otherworld Miniatures. I used Badger's gray airbrush primer, Reaper 09086 Stone Grey and 09087 Weathered Stone 09476 Woodland Brown, Army Painter Dark Tone wash.
      Comments are welcome!

    • By HolkDiggity
      Hey, all! Its been a little while and I finally sat down and painted something. I put these guys together and I'm really happy with the shading. I wanted to put some water on the bases, so I tried wrapping them with plastic and pouring realistic water in. It... did not go according to plan. The water cured unevenly, shrank, left weird tide lines, partially peeled off... Basically everything that could go wrong with it went wrong. Luckily, I had sealed the model before pouring the water, so I was able to peel it off with an exacto and some tweezers. I salvaged what I could and I think they still look pretty good.


    • By dmpv01
      Technically this is a WIP since the base is unfinished, but the figure is done-ish..

    • By Thrym
      Hellborn Troll
      from WizKids' Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures
      I stopped at AC Moore today and picked up one of the FolkArt Pickling Washes I didn't have while my wife was shopping for school play costume materials.  Nearby I found FolkArt Ultra Dyes and picked up two colors to check out; Purple Rain and Pucker Up (a yellow).

      I have enjoyed using the Glass Enamels with the long cure time before and thought these might work similarly.   I decided to wash my troll with the Purple Rain to see how it comes out and goes on.

      It's fairly thick out of the bottle but I might not have shaken it enough.  It was taking forever to dry so I hit it with some Testors Dullcote to speed the process and reduce the shine.  It's glossy like inks.
      Next, I used Reaper Blood Red to give him the Hellborn look I wanted.

      Then I pulled out Reaper Violet Shadow to get his hair, teeth and claws darkened.

      I then went back over the boney bits with the FolkArt Ultra Dye.  It'll put the glossy touch to the claws and teeth.
      I am quite happy with him so far.  
      Stay tuned and Enjoy!
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