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Bones 3 Arsenal/various armory sprues

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Does anyone know when these will hit retail?  We've seen quite a bit of bones 4, but not the weapon sprues from 3, and as someone who has party members with unique characters, the conversion potential there is great.  


Secondary question, do you think we will get stuff like the deadlands weapon sprue in bones soon/ever?

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I agree completely, it would be a shame if the arsenal/armory sprues never appeared!


If it helps, those hard plastic kits for 28mm fantasy and historical wargaming tend to be packed full of useful stuff for customizing/modifying Bones minis - sprues loaded with weapons, shields, heads, extra gear, and other goodies.  The plastic bonds nicely to both Bones and Bones black using easily-available "krazee gloo" type CA glues, and the fantasy stuff in particular is usually the right "heroic" scale to look right on most human-sized and dwarf Bones figures (the historical stuff tends to be a little more delicate and realistic in scale, and looks just a bit small on human-sized and dwarf figures, though of course it looks great with halflings and gnomes!)


If you like the sound of that and you also like Chronoscope stuff, there are also "modern" and other post-Medieval historical kits out there, as well as a few Scifi kits, which can be used to customize Reaper's sci-fi, fantasy, and pulp figures.  WWII seems especially popular with wargamers, and the variety of WWII-era stuff in particular is really good (I've raided some WWII US and British kits to arm up some Cthulhu cultists with Tommy guns, shotguns, bolt-action rifles, revolvers, etc., for example, using fantasy characters as the base model.)


My recommendation would work both ways, if the Reaper Bones stuff were an option:  the Bones 3 arsenal sprue stuff adapts equally easily to those hard plastic kits - I would totally be recommending Reaper's weapons sprues to wargamers, if I could!

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Agreed.  The reason I was looking for those stories were the mox of items.  Between the armories of death, vice, and virtue and arsenal I had just about everything I would need at (presumably) a very good price.  Ive looked into various weapon kits (mostly designed for 40k, since it has that bulky steampunk look) but as of now haven't found much that really fits.

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Yes, Games Workshop's stuff can be a little too far over the top to work with sometimes.  You might get more mileage from...




I've been enjoying the stuff for Frostgrave the most - there are several hard plastic kits for that fantasy skirmish game, including one each for human male and female soldiers (fighters, rogues, rangers), and one each for human male and (available soon) female wizards (wizards, sorcerers, clerics) - as always, YMMV, but for me, those work really well, at least for basic, nondescript weapons.  There are also some nice kits for hooded cultists, savage barbarians, Arabian Nights-style pirates/bandits, and primitive tribesmen with stone-age weapons, which also have a nice variety of styles of weapons.  These work nicely for outfitting adventurers, villains, and ragtag bands of mooks.


Sadly, there's really not a lot out there (at least, not yet) equivalent to Reaper's Armories of Death, Vice, and Virtue - by which I mean, not a lot of themed magic weapons.  (That's probably something that Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer 40K could probably supply from certain factions....) 


The Oathmark fantasy skirmish game is OK, with kits for male human, dwarf, and elf fighters - these are OK for run-of-the-mill basic pole-arms, swords, shields, axes, and bows, but these tend to have much less variety and probably work best for arming rank-and-file guards, militias, and other NPC bands.


The various heads in these kits are fantastic, too, whether from Warhammer, Oathmark, or Frostgrave.  Have an early Bones KS1 mini with a head that doesn't look quite right?  you might find a good replacement for it in a hard plastic mini kit!  Maybe not a lot of great player-character faces, but the faces at least make these characters useful as NPCs.  A couple months ago, I was lucky enough to find a handful of Warhammer Chaos Warrior heads at a site that sells loose bits once - those helmets make great replacement heads for a couple villain characters.



EccentricMiniatures makes and sells sprues of generic historical weapons and shields - as mentioned, 28mm historical models tend to be a little more delicate and realistic than the big, chunky, "heroic" fantasy 28mm stuff, so the weapons at least tend to look a bit weird and wimpy in the hands of Reaper humans, dwarves, orcs, and that sort of thing, but I had great luck using these weapons to upgrade goblin noodle-weapons to some nice spiked maces, while the thin swords have made some nice replacement rapiers, and the kite shields look great on almost anyone at that scale.


While I'm thinking of it, a company called Evergreen manufactures white styrene plastic sheets and rods that model railroaders use to scratch-build models with.  This plastic, too, bonds well to Bonesium with a little CA "wacky gloo", and some of the finer-sized styrene rods make very nice replacements for noodle-spears:  cut the noodle weapons off the model's hand, cut the blade off the spear where it attaches to its noodle-handle, use a fine drill-bit of an appropriate diameter in a pin-vice to drill a hole through the fist to make room for the new spear handle, use the drill-bit to drill a hole in the spear blade where it would connect to the spear handle to accommodate the new handle, then assemble the blade to the handle and the handle to the model's now empty hand.  You can also use bits of styrene rod to replace sword hilts, axe or mace handles, etc.  (There are so many perfectly adequate generic spears in my "bitz bin" right now that I don't really need to try to rescue the blades of many noodle weapons this way, but waste not, want not, and I've mainly used bits of salvaged Bones weapons to scratch-build a weapon rack from....)




Sorry, I don't mean to hijack the discussion with Bones customization tips and tricks!


I had this weird feeling during the Kickstarter that I'd want to stock up on the Bones armory sprues, and was lucky to have gotten three or four of each.  I've been using those a lot, and now I kind of wish I'd ordered more.  Most recently, I had a use for several of the Bones Anhurian crossbowmen dating back to before the first Kickstarter - their default crossbows, sadly, were kind of wonky, but were easy enough to upgrade with the crossbows from the generic Bones arsenal using a little careful surgery, and those Anhurian crossbowmen look great now.


Whenever possible and appropriate, I try to put in requests to Reaper to bring the Arsenal sprues back again, and make new ones - they're just great stuff, especially for sprucing up those old Bones KS1-era models that came out with mushier detail and flimsier weapons!

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3 minutes ago, Evilbookworm said:

Do you think the packing issue may be sorted out if they did those sprues in Bones Black? 

The weapon sprues don't fit into any of the packaging options Reaper uses except for the large clamshell. The cost to package a sprue in a clamshell is prohibitive. The sprues were molded by the factory incorrectly and Reaper is unhappy with the end product. Last I knew, there was no intention on releasing the product to retail and no intention on having new molds remade correctly, for any version of Bones. The molds are at HQ as the clear/colored ones were cast in house and the time/labor to cast these is higher than most as the design is problematic causing more failed casts than not.


These sprues are not considered a success. I would be highly surprised if they ever hit retail.

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That doesn't sound like it completely rules out redesigned versions that work better for Reaper's purposes, so I'll hold out a little slim hope that Reaper will find a better way to do these in the future.  As long as nobody minds me doing so, I'll keep singing praises for the arsenal sprues and requesting more, even if they technically weren't a success as implemented in Bones III! 

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That's too bad because they really are fantastic! I didn't think I would care too much about them when they came in the kickstarter. I have used them to swap out weapons on several minis and have used shields and swords on bases. They are awesome! Hopefully, sometime, we will be able to get more!

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Sorry Nunae - I'm getting the impression that they won't be released in the form they were originally manufactured in, due to Reaper having trouble with packaging and manufacturing them:  they don't appear to be considered a success.


I'm not going to give up hope of some redesigned version being made in the future - be sure to let Reaper know you support them and that you're interested in seeing armory sprues again; there are no guarantees, but the more of us there are who express interest in them, the better the chance Reaper might consider trying to meet the demand for them again in a more practical and profitable form :)

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On 12/4/2019 at 9:16 PM, Pochi said:

That's too bad because they really are fantastic! I didn't think I would care too much about them when they came in the kickstarter. I have used them to swap out weapons on several minis and have used shields and swords on bases. They are awesome! Hopefully, sometime, we will be able to get more!


Same here. I didn't get all of them in the KS since I thought more would be available afterward. I hope Reaper is able to figure out a packaging solution, or re-tool the molds in the future. 

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