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Forsaken Lands: 3D Printable Fantasy Tabletop Terrain

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Start your journey through deep caverns, and the land of the spiders, before venturing forth into the cursed realms. Ancient demons and foul creatures dwell in the shadows of The Forsaken Lands...lands of ruin, mystery, and decay! Make a pledge to begin your adventure and choose your own path!

76d0f7e81a40259ea0859dd2b30617ca_origina 3D printed and painted model depicted above. This piece was printed with a Creality CR-10 and Creality Ender 3. Miniature not included, used to demonstrate overall scale of model. Not affiliated in any way with any companies who produced the 28 mm miniature knight used to show scale in the photographs.

The Forsaken Lands terrain collection is designed for 28 mm tabletop wargames and role-playing games. Each pledge is delivered as an STL file pack, designed to be printed on your home 3D printer.

0ae0df243dc35a5e128e55bc6e4254b6_origina Each model is to designed to capture your imagination and evoke feelings of mystery, through an ancient lived in world, full of ruin, decay and beautiful imperfection!
  • All files are green lit in Meshmixer and Netfabb, are single shells, and have been extensively test printed and optimized. Printing instructions will be included in each pack. 
567edf3947b61482ce688f8f166277dd_origina As a complete set, each piece is designed for a full and diverse setup on your gaming table, intended for games that utilize elevation as well as larger terrain pieces and scatter.
070e335510087d13f5be1fcac20b9860_origina Photo/Paint by Wright Terrain Studio/ Alex Wright
  •  NO FILE EXCEEDS 200 mm on any axis and all prototypes featured have been test printed using the Creality Ender 3 and CR-10Support material is not needed unless stated in select parts, such as roof pieces with larger overhangs. 
f8bd515eaf307f8c245f52d5e232cab0_origina Explore different lands and locations in the core set with terrain pieces that stand alone, or as a part of larger setup!
7beb8868278363a718df008ac9e56872_origina Begin your long journey in the forsaken caverns where flickers of shadow swell up from the backdrop of ancient rocks and darkened pools amid the torchlight.
6857a91548258c05965b84e37718db77_origina Enter the land of the spiders as you traverse these narrow paths and hollows with untold numbers of eight-legged, bloodsuckers on the prowl.
419da761584ab71262d0e147c8b34c36_origina It would seem that a moment of respite can be found here, as you stumble upon the ruins of an ancient temple. But it is not the holy place it once was. Decayed and covered in thick overgrowth, mystery awaits you as you journey forth.
a9d5210c2e9cb4612ca3bc91f140caca_origina Legend holds that a beautiful and powerful witch once dwelt in this great tower. After a tragic loss, her madness grew in a storm of grief. Some say she still lingers here, immortal, feasting on the flesh of all those who wander into the ancient mountain pass.
635e0f1a817c2a0a50c7688ed9ec2d12_origina Creatures of darkness plague this mountain village; there will be no sanctuary for you here. Those who still dwell here may prove even more dangerous than the night hordes responsible for the hundreds of dead buried nearby.
ffd42e793caef02e4ca37aefd977d53c_origina An old villager takes you as far as they dare before sending you forth onto what the locals call, The Path of Despair. Here you find the ancient ruins of the city of Irkalla as ghostly moans rise up from the Gate of Souls...
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