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Last Session of the Kids game


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so after about a year, elder spawn has called it quits on her regular D&D game. 

It was a little rocky at first running a monthly game for 11-12 year olds, but we settled into a pretty good groove.

My Daughter was likely the hardest to DM for, and the least interested throughout. The two boys would have murdered there way out of every problem (including other PCs) if they had been allowed.  She was, however, the most interested in roleplayer her character, if not distracted by something else. 


They went from 1st to 5th and spent much of the campaign earning, clearing and running a small Barony. 

Fetch quest, competing adventures.  to earn a barony (2 sessions) 

Coming of Age Trial (2 sessions) 

Taking the castle back from goblins & random monsters (2 sessions) 

- intermission, to play Dungeons and Doggies (1 session) 

fighting dragons (1 session) 

ghost story/mystery (1 session)

Noble Ball & fighting dinosaurs  (2 sessions) 


but it was the epilogue that was particularly funny. 

I asked them how the characters lived out the rest of their lives. 

... will continue later.. 




They were all elves or 1/2 elves, so they all lasted 150 years at least.  The baron, who had foreseen his own assassination attempt was in fact killed by a talking cat Assasin.

(talking cats&dogs were already part of the story)  The priest who eventually became an assassin/priest of Hades, was also taken out by a cat.  The captain of the guard mentions that after a marriage and a son, she eventually bought a cat.  Then her husband was killed fighting a dragon.  (one of the red wyrmlings escaped the dragon fighting session)  The group decided that her son eventually inherited the barony, When she found out the cat had been killing people, she put it down.  The drow eventually returned to her homeland. there just weren't enough big spiders on the surface. 


In the final scoring:  Cat 2- PCs 1 

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Two of the kids from the group belong to my wifes co-workers. 

she came home and told spawn and I , how much they loved the game and would miss it. 

Elder spawn says "I wouldn't mind playing again."   



Well I'm planning a one-shot for them when the Cats & Catacombs KS ships.

she got really excited and started spinning off character concepts and possible plots. 


so perhaps not the last of the Kids game. 




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My D&D game is one I DM for my 13 and 10 year olds, and 4 of their friends.  It’s been a blast!


I started with just my 2 kids when they were 11 and 8.  The younger one bailed almost immediately, but the older got 3 friends to join.  I ran that group through Lost Mine of Phandelver and they had a blast!


Then this past summer (about 1.5y later) the younger one got interested again and pulled in a friend - now I‘m running 6 kids through Out of the Abyss!


They are a huge pain in the broccoli most of the time, but I love it!


Get the band back together!  There’s no better (or maybe no other) way to spend 4 hours with your kids that doesn’t involve looking at a screen together! 

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